Wisdom Hermitage: Home

This Wisdom Hermitage website is an introduction to Father Silouan’s four wisdom books published between 2011 and 2015 and is home to his Wisdom Journal that began its life in September 2015 attached to the monastery website :         www.orthodoxmonastery.co.uk.

Since Father Silouan’s move from the monastery on the Stiperstones in Shropshire to the Wisdom Hermitage in St Davids, Wales, the Wisdom Journal on the monastery website has moved to its new home on this wisdom hermitage website, which is www.wisdomhermitage.org.uk

 If you wish to get in touch with Father Silouan, he can be contacted by email or by telephone in the UK 01437 721718 and from outside the UK, 0044 1437 721718. 

The Wisdom Journal, like the four wisdom books, explores radiant wisdom’s union with the Holy Name, the uncreated, luminous ‘I AM,’ unveiled by Christ at the heart of the living tradition of Eastern Orthodox Christian Hesychasm.  It is concerned with wisdom’s discernment of the glory of the Name and the transmission of Name and wisdom through prophecy and prayer. 

No account of wisdom in a global world can afford to ignore the Orthodox Christian witness to integral wisdom nor exclude her luminous vision or healing power.  When the desire for wisdom is manifesting  globally in a wide variety of contexts: inter-spiritual encounter, information integration, gender regeneration, and cutting edge cultural development, traditional wisdom is suddenly perceived in a new light and after centuries of exile welcomed home.  Neglected practices renew perception and old symbols speak again, so that hearts awaken and blind eyes see.  

A Journal can handle universal themes in a personal way and address personal issues in a universal way, but this does not mean that wisdom is usurped by her formulations.  Love of  wisdom makes no claim to define wisdom and offers no final solutions.  It humbly offers wisdom a dwelling place, and sustains the openness that welcomes home her mysteries.  Wisdom returns when awakened hearts embrace her and with her the wonder that discerns inklings of glory in the mystery of the Kingdom, hidden in the Holy of Holies.