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Eye of the Needle

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The Eye of the Needle on the Stiperstones points to remembrance of God, opening the eye of the heart  to bright stillness. Holy hesychia is the stillness that finds the narrow way, the eye of the needle that opens to God’s glory through God in God.  It is with holy attention that the heart turns and sees God in the midst,… Read more »

Prayer for the whole world.

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Orthodoxy canonised Hesychasm during the Palamite Councils of Constantinople in 1341 and 1350 because it recognised orthodox right-glorification at the heart of love of enemies and prayer for the whole world.  Saint Silouan the Athonite taught that love of enemies was the criterion of Holy Orthodoxy and that such love prays for the whole world.  Orthodox Hesychasts, inspired by love… Read more »

The Orthodox Catholicity of Apostolic Hesychasm.

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The Orthodox Catholicity of Apostolic Hesychasm springs from the uncreated grace of union, which is deifying participation in the union of the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit.  It is hidden with Christ in God until the mysteries of glorification are unveiled to wisdom.  It is unveiled when we turn and see God, through God, in God, Holy… Read more »

Apostolic Wisdom Orthodoxy.

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Orthodoxy is Catholic and Apostolic when it sings its wisdom songs to transmit its mysteries to the hearts of mankind as a whole, free of all tribal narrowness and self-interested shallowness.  It does not exist  to tell the ethnic Orthodox they are right to belong to their tribe of ethnic Orthodoxy or to confirm the ethnic Orthodox in their self- interested… Read more »

Orthodox Hesychasm and Prayer of the Heart.

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Hesychia, stillness, empties us of all that is not God so that the Holy Name of God can unite us to God.   The Hesycahast turns to see and sees to be the union that wisdom discerns when the eye of the heart is awake.   Hesychast elders transmit this prayer of the Spirit in the heart, which the Apostle… Read more »

Wisdom of the Cross.

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Wisdom unveils the light of glory in Christ’s Cross of love:  revealing God through God in God.   The awakened heart sees seer and seen as one I AM in wisdom, knowing God through God in God.  This seeing is a knowing in God by grace, and grace is God’s uncreated energy of glory in act. Knowing in God raises… Read more »

Cloud of Witnesses

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Wisdom inspires a heavenly cloud of witnesses like a swarm of bees, a communion of angels and saints resonant as one I AM in many voices.  This unveils a hidden mystery of glory, which is a oneness of being alight in many seers, and a oneness of seeing revealed in many beings.  There is here a co-inherence of the One… Read more »