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Humble Obedience to the Will of God

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Humility is Christ-like when there is no trace of self-interest but simply obedience to the divine will, which hallows the Name so the Kingdom comes.  The Holy Spirit abides in the Son at the heart of the Church, humbly interceding in the Name, witness to God’s Kingdom in the hallowing.  Sacred tradition has nothing to do with pious addictive habits… Read more »

New Jerusalem

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Christian Tradition is one in Christ, one in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, one in the transmission of the Name, one in the faith that hallows the Name and bears witness to the Kingdom come.  Wisdom discerns the unifying glory of the Name as the New Jerusalem, Bride of Christ, transmitting the communion of the Bridal Chamber, the voice of… Read more »

Metaphors of Wisdom

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In Orthodox Christian tradition, metaphors of light and darkness have deep mythical and mystical meaning, inviting the literalist mind to turn from its exclusions into the paradoxes of contemplative symbolism at the heart of the mysteries of Patristic wisdom.   Contemporary fundamentalism takes many forms, and some forms of Orthodox fundamentalism oppose their versions of a religion of light to… Read more »

Tree of Wisdom and Glory

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The divided self, confusing ‘me’ with ‘I AM,’ is never satisfied, but lives as if the divine breast was dry, pretending to be full, but being empty, does not nourish anymore.  When wisdom turns and sees the fullness of ‘I AM,’ together with the emptiness that is infinite capacity to fulfil desire, there is recognition that desire is actually always… Read more »

Mystical Union in Hesychasm

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God the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, so the union of the Father and the Son, which is the mystery of the Holy Name, is opened to us in God.  It is not something we observe from without; it is revealed through God, in God, from within.  Orthodox tradition sees the Patriarch Enoch as… Read more »

Cleaving and Resounding

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Cleaving to God in his Name releases into resounding union with God through his Name.  The cleaving, devekut, transfigures the human spirit with the deifying resonance of divine life, as it is written,  “But you that did cleave to ‘I AM’ your God, are alive every one of you this day.” ( Deut 4: 4)  Christ transmits the Name ‘I AM,’… Read more »

One Kingdom: Seven Heavens…3

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The Kingdom of God is unveiled by the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit, one revelatory Name, ‘I AM,’ three ways that God is arche and telos of all that there is.  ‘He who is,’ YHWH, reveals who he is, was and shall ever be in the Name ‘I AM,’ EHYEH, addressing us in the Covenant formula of Theophany as ‘Thou,’… Read more »

One Kingdom: Seven Heavens…2

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The Kingdom of God is unveiled by the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit, imparting wisdom which discerns the glory of the Name ‘I AM,’ turning hearts back into God seeing God in God, uncreated light opening to uncreated glory in seven heavens.  The Kingdom of heaven unfolds as seven heavens, which fall into confusion as seven hells,… Read more »

Poetics of Prophecy

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When Jesus imparted the Name to the Apostles, he fulfilled the Logos of the prophets, revealing glory without vanity, glory free of self-interest.  In the Mosaic theophany of the burning bush, the Logos of God unveiled the Name, EHYEH, ‘I AM,’ and on Mount Sinai, EHYEH ASHER EHYEH, ‘I AM who I AM.’  The Johannine ‘I AM’ sayings, both with and… Read more »

Always Yes: Not Yes or No, or Yes and No

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The Logos, said the Apostle, is not yes and no but always Yes, always Amen, always glory to God, always glorification in God. ( 2 Cor 1: 18-20)  The Logos in the beginning, the Logos with God in the primordial arche, the Logos who is God from God, is always Yes, always the primordial Yes, the originative Amen, the first glory and… Read more »