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Crown of wisdom and glory

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The Apostle Paul prays that the Father of glory will give the Ephesians a spirit of wisdom and revelation, unveiling glory as fullness of knowledge through Christ, the ‘I AM’ of glory who illumines the eye of their heart (Eph 1:17-18).  Christ’s wisdom imparts the completeness of uncreated light that glorifies the saints, glory that generously and without restraint grants grace… Read more »

Hidden wisdom unveiling glory

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Like prophets and apostles, elders do impart wisdom, but it is not a sophisticated worldly wisdom but God’s hidden wisdom that discerns the glory of the Age to Come, (Olam Ha Ba), which is the glory of God’s Kingdom come.  The mysteries of glory are the unveilings of ‘I AM’ in glory, Christ’s hidden mysteries of the hallowing Name.  These… Read more »

Mount Tabor’s twin caves

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The Icon of Transfiguration attributed to Theophanes the Greek, usually dated to about 1403, or at least to the beginning of the fifthteenth century, depicts two hermit’s caves in the shade of two small trees on the slopes of Mount Tabor.  Easily overlooked, these hermit cells appear dark within, in contrast to the uncreated light of Christ’s transfiguration, but if their… Read more »

Completeness of Wisdom and Glory

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God intends all to be saved, that all without exception shall come to completeness of wisdom in the knowledge of truth, truth that unveils glory in the Name.  (1 Tim 2: 3-4)  The divine intention has glory in view from the beginning, generating wisdom that recapitulates everything in glory, unveiling consummate completeness, glory reconciling everything to God in the hallowed Name…. Read more »

From image to likeness

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Created in the image of God, we are all God-centred not self-centred, if confusion does not intrude to make us self-centred, separating us from God.  Saints are in graced likeness as well as the image of God, because they are gloriously aware of God present in the midst, reflecting as in a mirror the glory of God.  Saints become like God… Read more »