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In Thee, by Thee, now-I am

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Saint Sophrony of Essex, canonised by the Patriarch of Constantinople on November 27th 2019, completes what he calls his Confession and Spiritual Autobiography (‘We shall see him as he is.’ 1988) with witness to the Name ‘I AM.’  “Now, O my Christ, in Thee and by Thee…Now – I am (‘We shall see him’ p 234).  This witness cost him… Read more »

Wisdom and Insight in Desert Hesychasm

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The Apostle says God makes his mysteries known to the saints in all wisdom and insight (Ephesians 1:8).  Insightful wisdom reveals the union of all things in heaven and earth in Christ, the fulfilment of consummate completeness sealed by the Holy Spirit for the glorification of the saints.  Desert Hesychasm is a silent witness to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer of… Read more »

Glory: primordial, teleological and eschatological.

The revelation of the Name in us purifies the heart with the presence of glory, the glory of the Son that precedes the foundation of the world.  This is purification in the primordial glory of the beginning, the archeological glory out of which creation arises, the original glory of paradise before all falls.  God’s Name glorifies the Son in us,… Read more »

Bridal Chamber conjoining wisdom and glory

Union with God in the Bridal Chamber of wisdom and glory reveals the uncreated light of glory in which the radiance of presence consumes parodied pretense, offering glory to God that restores right-glorification of God.  Addictive gods are unseated at centre to enthrone God in the midst in uncreated glory.  Elders surround the throne of glory but it is wisdom that… Read more »

Prophecy of Prayer

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The prophecy of prayer springs from God’s prophetic God-centred glorification of God, but it is the Spirit that prays with God’s God-centred glorification of God, so it is in the Spirit that the hidden mystery of the Holy Trinity abides eternally in the Holy of Holies.  Prophecy of prayer awakens wisdom to the glory of Holy Trinity, grounded in the… Read more »

Glorification in the Apocalypse

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Desert Hesychasm treasures the Book of Revelation as apocalyptic prophecy revealing Name hallowing mysteries of glorification in the Kingdom of God, including the Spirit’s unceasing  prayer of the Name that glorifies God the Holy Trinity, God’s God-centred glorification of God.  The Apocalypse has never failed to attract a vast plethora of contradictory interpretations over the centuries, perhaps because glorification, not to mention purification… Read more »

Rainbow Glory

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Rainbow glory surrounded the throne of glory in the Seer’s vision of heaven in the Book of Revelation (Rev 4:3).  The Hesychast tradition is usually silent about the rainbow mysteries that embrace elders surrounding the throne of glory, but the Seer of Revelation does speak of rainbow glory in his prophecy.  The mysteries of rainbow enthronement, crowning and glorification are… Read more »

Wisdom of Enoch and John the Seer

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The wisdom of Enoch was present at the heart of Orthodox Hesychasm, although the Book of Enoch was no longer read in monasteries except in Ethiopia.  Enoch’s visionary journey had unveiled wisdom to the first Christian prophets long ago, wisdom that opened heaven through clouds of glory and mists of mystery, ascending into realms of angelic, heavenly light, ineffably hallowing the… Read more »

Wisdom of Faith

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The Apostle Paul preached justification by faith in Christ Jesus to Christians in Galatia, implicitly assuring them of the wisdom of faith, in contrast to what he saw as the folly of Jewish Christian reliance on compliance with Jewish Torah (Gal 2:16).  He described his profound disagreement and later uneasy agreement with the leaders of the Jerusalem Church, James the brother… Read more »

Wisdom of the Beloved Disciple

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The wisdom of the Beloved Disciple is perhaps the most profound of all living wisdom streams flowing into the mainstream of Orthodox Christian wisdom, watering the living roots of desert Hesychasm, wisdom that beholds the glory of the slaughtered Lamb, full of grace and truth (John 1:14; 1:29; Rev 5:6-14).  The Beloved Disciple beheld the glory of the Word made flesh,… Read more »