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The Cherubic Hymn

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The Cherubic Hymn lays aside all worldly care in order to restore glory to the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.  The Cherubicon also raises on high the anointed King of all, whose Name is ‘I AM,’ wisdom unveiling glory in the highest heaven.  He who is, who was and who shall always be ‘I AM,’ is invisibly attended by… Read more »

Name as radiance of wisdom and resonance of glory

The Holy Name ‘I AM’ is an ineffable union of ‘I’ and ‘AM,’ wisdom’s active deifying awareness and glory’s receptive deifying presence inseparably conjoined as communion of their uncreated creative energies, radiant wisdom and resonant glory.  The Name saves by unveiling deifying awareness and glorifying presence.  Wisdom and glory are uncreated dynamic energies communicating the mysteries of turning or metanoia, seeing… Read more »

The Cross of unselfish love

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The wisdom of the Cross is the wisdom of unselfish love, which is the wisdom of the Holy Trinity unveiling purifying love, enlightening love through love and love’s God-centred glorification of God through God.  It is not only that love’s glory is revealed to be wisdom’s divine intent, but that the glory of love is also the way love is revealed through glorification.  The… Read more »

Demonising fear and forgiving love.

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Love loves because love loves, transcending the constricted understanding of the binary mind.  Love forgives because love forgives, leaping over the narrow judgments of the dualistic mind.  In a fundamentalist environment, love is reduced to love of ‘us’ opposed to ‘them,’ a constriction which divides the mind between an ethnic ‘us’ and a demonised ‘them.’  In the case of orthodox fundamentalism, the Hindu, Buddhist… Read more »

Body of formless light, rainbow body of glory

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The revelation of the Name unveils the body of uncreated, formless light, which is ineffable in as many different ways as there are divine names colouring its colourless luminosity as a rainbow body of glory.  ‘I AM’ is ineffable as formless radiance, so the body of light, too, is ineffable as a body of ineffable radiance.  But the Name above all names… Read more »

Grace and Glory

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We fall from grace when the glory of grace is ascribed to ourselves or to something created instead of to God.  We fall from glory when the uncreated glory of grace is confused with something created.  The fall from grace is a fall from God-centred glorification of God.  We fall short of the glory that glorifies God in his Name.  Right… Read more »

Silence, wisdom and glory

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Hesychasm is silence and silence is not the absence of sound but wholesome completeness imparting wholeness through the uncreated energies of wisdom and glory.  Stillness is awareness of presence deifying us, not a philosophy that imposes wordy control by taking sides.  Desert wisdom loves silence because it loves wisdom that glorifies the Name, not because it is asserting its opposition… Read more »

Prophetic wisdom and prayer of the heart

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The unceasing prayer of the Holy Spirit in the heart gives thanks to God for wisdom which inspires prophecy, wisdom which communicates the Holy Name as a prophetic word awakening the eye of the heart, wisdom that glorifies the Father through the revelatory Name of the Son in the Holy Spirit.  Prophecy speaks to the hearts of those who have not… Read more »

Mysteries of wisdom and glory

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Orthodox Christian Tradition teaches that wisdom unveils what God’s grace reveals whereas glory unveils how God’s grace is revealed.  Both unveilings are revelations of the ineffable but wisdom is the ineffable awareness of God’s presence whereas glory is the ineffable presence of this deifying awareness.  If the revelation of wisdom is what glory unveils, glory is the form of wisdom.  If… Read more »

God-centred likeness to God

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To be God-centred like God is to live God-centred lives like God the Holy Trinity, rather than self-centred lives like demons, whose shortfall from glory destroys likeness to God in his image.  Grace restores likeness to God in God’s image by ascribing glory to God like angels do, glorification of God by participation in the God-centred life of Holy Trinity…. Read more »