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Demonising fear and forgiving love.

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Love loves because love loves, transcending the constricted understanding of the binary mind.  Love forgives because love forgives, leaping over the narrow judgments of the dualistic mind.  In a fundamentalist environment, love is reduced to love of ‘us’ opposed to ‘them,’ a constriction which divides the mind between an ethnic ‘us’ and a demonised ‘them.’  In the case of orthodox fundamentalism, the Hindu, Buddhist… Read more »

Timeless openness

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Wisdom is timeless openness of glory unveiling the timeless radiance of grace.  Wisdom awakens the heart to glory by cutting through confusion and leaping over separation, beginning at the end where God unveils God in his Name.  To begin at the end means the Alpha initiates wisdom with the Omega of ‘I AM,’ revealing glory which is the timeless openness… Read more »

Saint Sophrony of Essex

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Saint Sophrony of Essex bore witness to God’s Name ‘I AM,’ hallowing our age by restoring glory to God.  Wisdom unveils the ineffable oneness of ‘I AM,’ God’s awareness conjoined with deifying  presence in the timeless openness of glory, in the light of God’s embrace of our incompleteness within his consummate completeness.   Glory proceeds from glory to restore glory to the… Read more »

Love’s glory: forgiving and forgiven

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When there is suffering for God’s Name’s sake, love’s glory is revealed.  When we are falsely accused and set aside, Christ secretly weds us to himself in the Bridal Chamber of hidden holiness, unveiling holy union in the Holy of Holies.  We could never have received the hallowing grace of passionate love for him, if he had not first passionately… Read more »

Prophetic wisdom and unceasing prayer

Prophetic wisdom springs from the ineffable openness of uncreated awareness, opening prayer to the ineffable oneness of uncreated presence, wisdom beholding glory in the Name, unveiling God in the midst.  God unveils God through God, the Spirit proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, revealing God’s Name, ‘I AM.’  Elders know that God’s ‘I’ awareness is ever-present, beholding God’s… Read more »

Sanctuary of Peace

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The awakened heart is a sanctuary of peace, a place of joy, a cave of mysteries and home of glory where shadows flee and darkness dazzles.  The heart rejoices in the beauty of its King whose glory fills his Kingdom with boundless love, whose face unveils glory to the saints.  Abidng in the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber, elders weep for all… Read more »

Oneness, union and communion

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The beauty of holiness, which is glory, is union and communion with the oneness of the Name.  Glory is the healing oneness of the Name, embracing one and all in beauty of holiness through union and communion.  Oneness calls forth union and communion but is not heard until wisdom embraces the Name.  True hearing happens when wisdom bears witness, shema, to the Name, Shem, revealed on… Read more »

Remember the little things

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Saint David calls on us in our time, as he in his, to be joyful, keep the faith and to remember the little things.  It was his joyful, right glorifying faith that transformed the wooded valley of the Afon Alun into a heaven on earth and transfigured the starry stones of the crystal headland into an earthly heaven.  Joy opens the heart… Read more »

Love of enemies

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Saint Silouan the Athonite bears witness to love of enemies as the spiritual criterion of true Orthodox Christian Tradition.  Whenever political enmity threatens to divide the Orthodox Church, the mystery of Pentecost speaks to her condition, revealing how love of enemies acknowledges the many warring tongues even as it bears witness to the one Spirit, the one flame of fire… Read more »