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Fire, light and glory

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When the Holy Spirit anoints awareness with wisdom, unveiling presence as glory, the mind descends into the heart, uncovering union with God as fire, light and glory in the midst.  This is Hesychast transmission of purification, illumination and glorification through the Name.  It is tri-une revelation of the Name, revealing God through God in God, Holy Trinity.  The Name transmits… Read more »

Holy Trinity

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Holy Orthodoxy shares her wisdom with all, the Name of Holy Trinity alight and alive in her elders as uncreated light of glory crowning her saints.  Awareness of presence regenerates presence of awareness as wisdom renews glory in the saints.  Utterly simple as pure prayer of the heart, Orthodox Tradition offers profound symbols to communicate her hallowing communion.  Symbolism frees silence to… Read more »

Mystical Theology

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The union of wisdom and glory, awareness and presence, unveils the dazzling darkness of the Name and illumines mystical theology from within. The wisdom praxis of turning is one with wise theoria, enlightened seeing, and this practice of turned vision in God is a union of wisdom and glory, mystical theology.  As the ground of all that is arising, ‘I AM’ is Father… Read more »

Veiled yet unveiled, open but hidden

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Transfiguration unveils the face of Christ, uncreated light and deifying glory, yet veils the revelatory Name from objectifying vanity or dualistic scrutiny.  The countenance of God is unobstructed openness but remains hidden from self-interested reification.  Saint Maximus the Confessor says that on Mount Tabor, the apostles beheld Christ transfigured, who “in appearing conceals himself, in hiding manifests himself,” (Ambigua to John 10).  … Read more »

Holy Name and Desert Wisdom.

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 The desert transmits the Holy Name in accordance with the revelation of the Name on Mount Sinai, in the light of the ‘I AM’ sayings of Christ in the Gospel of John, which unveil the transmission of the Name to the Beloved Disciple.  This revelation of the Name on the Mountain of transfiguration informs every dimension of desert wisdom, unveiling… Read more »

Transfiguration: Kingdom of Light and Glory.

The Holy Transfiguration on Mount Tabor transmits vision (theoria) of uncreated light, opening glory to glory in the Kingdom of God.  Participation in this uncreated, creative vision of light is incorporation into the glory of the Kingdom.  Transfiguration unveils light of glory that consecrates and blesses purity of heart, true turning that sees God (Mathew 5:8).  Transfiguration hallows God’s Name ‘I… Read more »

Prophetic wisdom and unceasing prayer

Prophetic wisdom springs from the ineffable openness of uncreated awareness, opening prayer to the ineffable oneness of uncreated presence, wisdom beholding glory in the Name, unveiling God in the midst.  God unveils God through God, the Spirit proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, revealing God’s Name, ‘I AM.’  Elders know that God’s ‘I’ awareness is ever-present, beholding God’s… Read more »

Integral Orthodox Wisdom

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Orthodox Christian tradition is not defined by its ethnocentric politics nor by the reactionary fundamentalism that narrows its conventional shallows into sectarian nationalisms.  True Orthodoxy is right-glorification of God the Father, by God the Son, in God the Holy Spirit, glorification which glorifies the saints who awaken to wisdom’s vision of glory in the Kingdom of God.  Ethnocentrism is not definitive in Orthodoxy because… Read more »

Wisdom of Yah Shuah Mari Yah

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Wisdom sings at the heart of the Church, unveiling the Bride of Christ hidden in the Holy of Holies.  She awakens union in the Bridal Chamber so as to communicate communion, gifts of Christ her Beloved in mysteries of glorification.  Wisdom sings through the heart of the Beloved Disciple, inspiring the Fourth Gospel which imparts illumination and glorification through revelation of… Read more »