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Wisdom logic of no confusion, no division

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‘No confusion: no division,’ does not define the indefinable but indicates a healthy openness between unity and difference which Christ the Logos communicates in the desert.  Wisdom neither asserts nor denies but leaves these two signs or indications, pointing the way to avoid the degeneration of union into confusion or the disintegration of communion into division.  The ethos which the divine-human… Read more »

Hidden Wisdom of Heraclitus

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The hidden wisdom of Heraclitus lies concealed within the Logos that the desert welcomed home at the heart of its mortal, immortal life, dying its life and living its death in the paradoxes of the divine-human Logos.  Gnomic wisdom tradition in the desert revered wisdom that hearkened to the Logos, not only because wisdom IS the Logos awakening the heart… Read more »

Wisdom Logic of Heraclitus

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Heraclitus said that wisdom discerns the Logos that directs all through all (Heraclitus 34).  Listening to the Logos, desert wisdom remembers the One in all, gathering all into remembrance of the One in everything.  Truth, a-lethia, is un-forgetting that un-conceals the Logos of glory from scattering dissipation, recollecting what unites in whole remembrance, anamnesis.  But like the Delphic Oracle, ‘Know Thyself,’ Heraclitus… Read more »

Hesychast Wisdom and Patriotism

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Grace reveals the glory of Christ in his unveiled Face in the light of the Holy Spirit, restoring glory to the Father which restores the vainglory of warring nationalistic hells to the true glory of hallowed, harmonious heavens on earth.  The glory of this grace is wisdom’s joy, not the wisdom of a speculative sophiological Sophia, such as we find in… Read more »

Threefold Blessing

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When the Jesus Prayer is prayed three times, it becomes an invocation of the twelve letter Name, YHWH, YHWH, YHWH, as in the Priestly Name Blessing.  ‘YHWH bless you and keep you.  YHWH make his Face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.  YHWH lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace’ (Number 6: 24-26).  The four letter… Read more »

Timeless Presence

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The Hesychast wisdom of stillness points beyond the world’s strident exteriors to the timeless presence of God in his Name.  The Hesychast poetics of prophecy regenerates the degenerated imagination, purifying old prophetic symbolism in the uncreated energies of wisdom and glory, radicalising its prophetic power to awaken the heart, sustaining pure prayer of the Spirit in the midst.  Invisible angels listen… Read more »

Wisdom and Insight in Desert Hesychasm

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The Apostle says God makes his mysteries known to the saints in all wisdom and insight (Ephesians 1:8).  Insightful wisdom reveals the union of all things in heaven and earth in Christ, the fulfilment of consummate completeness sealed by the Holy Spirit for the glorification of the saints.  Desert Hesychasm is a silent witness to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer of… Read more »

Glory: primordial, teleological and eschatological.

The revelation of the Name in us purifies the heart with the presence of glory, the glory of the Son that precedes the foundation of the world.  This is purification in the primordial glory of the beginning, the archeological glory out of which creation arises, the original glory of paradise before all falls.  God’s Name glorifies the Son in us,… Read more »

Bridal Chamber conjoining wisdom and glory

Union with God in the Bridal Chamber of wisdom and glory reveals the uncreated light of glory in which the radiance of presence consumes parodied pretense, offering glory to God that restores right-glorification of God.  Addictive gods are unseated at centre to enthrone God in the midst in uncreated glory.  Elders surround the throne of glory but it is wisdom that… Read more »

Wisdom of Faith

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The Apostle Paul preached justification by faith in Christ Jesus to Christians in Galatia, implicitly assuring them of the wisdom of faith, in contrast to what he saw as the folly of Jewish Christian reliance on compliance with Jewish Torah (Gal 2:16).  He described his profound disagreement and later uneasy agreement with the leaders of the Jerusalem Church, James the brother… Read more »