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Wisdom, glory and a garden tomb.

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In pure prayer, God whispers in the hidden garden of the heart, ‘I am I AM, thy God, turn and see!’  Prayer in the garden discovers God is ‘I AM,’ revealing God to us.  My ‘me’ is not ‘I AM,’ usurping God at centre, because even when I become self-centred and fall from glory, God always actually remains ‘I AM’… Read more »

Quick, sudden wisdom

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Christ in the Spirit says ‘Behold, ‘I AM’ quick in my coming, always sudden as awareness and utterly direct as presence, instantaneously quick when invoked.’  First to come and last to stay, Christ unveils God’s Name, ‘ I AM,’ alpha and omega, aware at the beginning and present to the end, always shining and radiantly bright whether like the morning star… Read more »

Hidden Wisdom

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Hidden wisdom bears witness to the loving but hidden glory of the Holy Name, a union of uncreated awareness and uncreated presence, God’s ‘I’ of wisdom and his ‘AM’ of glory, but this Seraphic and Cherubic mystery conceals itself from fear, but also from shallow, profane scrutiny.  God is beautiful and loves beauty, the light of his wisdom embracing the beauty… Read more »

The humility of God

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Saint Sophrony of Essex taught that the reason Holy Orthodoxy calls humility a divine Name is because God is humility.  God’s Name is ‘I AM,’ humble awareness in communion with humble presence, the humble ‘I’ of wisdom in union with the humble ‘AM’ of presence.  God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ communicates God’s humility, curing pride, and does not therefore, like our hardened hearts, require… Read more »

Name as radiance of wisdom and resonance of glory

The Holy Name ‘I AM’ is an ineffable union of ‘I’ and ‘AM,’ wisdom’s active deifying awareness and glory’s receptive deifying presence inseparably conjoined as communion of their uncreated creative energies, radiant wisdom and resonant glory.  The Name saves by unveiling deifying awareness and glorifying presence.  Wisdom and glory are uncreated dynamic energies communicating the mysteries of turning or metanoia, seeing… Read more »

Mysteries of wisdom and glory

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Orthodox Christian Tradition teaches that wisdom unveils what God’s grace reveals whereas glory unveils how God’s grace is revealed.  Both unveilings are revelations of the ineffable but wisdom is the ineffable awareness of God’s presence whereas glory is the ineffable presence of this deifying awareness.  If the revelation of wisdom is what glory unveils, glory is the form of wisdom.  If… Read more »

God-centred likeness to God

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To be God-centred like God is to live God-centred lives like God the Holy Trinity, rather than self-centred lives like demons, whose shortfall from glory destroys likeness to God in his image.  Grace restores likeness to God in God’s image by ascribing glory to God like angels do, glorification of God by participation in the God-centred life of Holy Trinity…. Read more »

Saving Name: Hallowing Trinity

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Wisdom hallows the Name of God in Holy Trinity by ascribing all glory to God’s Name ‘I AM.’  The Name ‘I AM’ reveals God, not an objectified concept of God as a divine subject or a reified notion of God as a divine object.  God in his Name ‘I’ is pure uncreated awareness ever present, and his Name ‘AM’ is pure… Read more »

Timeless openness

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Wisdom is timeless openness of glory unveiling the timeless radiance of grace.  Wisdom awakens the heart to glory by cutting through confusion and leaping over separation, beginning at the end where God unveils God in his Name.  To begin at the end means the Alpha initiates wisdom with the Omega of ‘I AM,’ revealing glory which is the timeless openness… Read more »

Realms of light and glory

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Wisdom abides in timeless realms of light and glory.  The Holy Name saves as uncreated light unveiling ineffable completeness, opening translucent wisdom to transfiguring glory, divine awareness to deifying presence, imparted by the Spirit’s direct transmission.  The oneness of awareness and presence is evident in the Name ‘I AM,’ wisdom transfigured by glory, glory translucent with wisdom.  The hidden meaning of… Read more »