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Philokalia and Glory

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Wisdom is not only love of beauty, philokalia, but is in love with beauty, wedded to glory that is beautiful and loves beauty.  Saint Denis sees this glorious co-inherence as wisdom’s vision of theadrocosmic radiance, a resplendent icon of divine beauty that embraces the cosmos with Christ’s divine-human glory.  Visible worlds are theophanies of invisible glory, but this is visible through Christ’s grace… Read more »

Metaphors of Wisdom

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In Orthodox Christian tradition, metaphors of light and darkness have deep mythical and mystical meaning, inviting the literalist mind to turn from its exclusions into the paradoxes of contemplative symbolism at the heart of the mysteries of Patristic wisdom.   Contemporary fundamentalism takes many forms, and some forms of Orthodox fundamentalism oppose their versions of a religion of light to… Read more »

Always Yes: Not Yes or No, or Yes and No

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The Logos, said the Apostle, is not yes and no but always Yes, always Amen, always glory to God, always glorification in God. ( 2 Cor 1: 18-20)  The Logos in the beginning, the Logos with God in the primordial arche, the Logos who is God from God, is always Yes, always the primordial Yes, the originative Amen, the first glory and… Read more »

Unconditioned Glory: Faith, Hope and Love

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The Apostle imparted wisdom discerning the glory of release, folly to the powers that be, but liberation of vainglory into glory when wisdom turns and sees. The Logos of the cross of unselfish love, powerless against these powers, crucifies their pretentious parodies of God.  The Name ‘I AM’ conceals unconditional glory unbinding whatever powers have bound, unveiled by wisdom so… Read more »

Eternal Life: Liberating Release

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Eternal life in Christ is liberating release, undoing every reified fixation as way of revelatory truth.  It is deifying life lived out of ‘I AM,’ God dwelling in the midst, the uncreated light of Christ overflowing as transforming grace in disinterested love.  The Name is God’s liberating presence in our midst, which is our life in God, present in his… Read more »