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Love is the meaning of glory

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Mother Julian of Norwich was shown that love was our Lord’s meaning; ‘I AM,’ love’s glory, the ground of all our beseeching (Revelation of Love ch. 86).  Like Dame Julian, desert wisdom questions the enduring meaning of being, searching out the hidden ground of uncreated, deifying grace.  Prophecy transmits the Name so that prayer may receive its gracious gifts, opening… Read more »

Spirit of love curing fear

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The Spirit of love delights in love’s unselfish glorification of God, which turns fear’s selfish loves into God’s unselfish love, instead of returning evil for evil or revenging wrongs with wrongs.  Love trusts love to overcome what opposes love, hoping often against all hope that love will overcome.  Love’s patience is gentle and kind so when it meets fear’s terror… Read more »