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Friends of transfiguration

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Desert wisdom transmits transfiguring light in the Name, inspiring glorification of God in God through the Name, turning seers of glory into friends of transfiguration.   Prophecy hands on the uncreated Word that reveals the Name which pure prayer is empowered to assimilate, embraced as revelation of glory in the awakened heart.  Friends of transfiguration live in the light of glory, the… Read more »

Saint David in Jerusalem

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In chapter 45 of his Life of St David, (c 1081-1095), Rhygyfarch tells us that St David visited the Patriarch of Jerusalem with St Teilo and St Padarn.  St David returned with a portable altar, a bell, a staff and a coat, gifts which according to Rhygyfarch worked great miracles.  The historical veracity of this tradition has often been contested but its… Read more »

Metaphors of Wisdom

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In Orthodox Christian tradition, metaphors of light and darkness have deep mythical and mystical meaning, inviting the literalist mind to turn from its exclusions into the paradoxes of contemplative symbolism at the heart of the mysteries of Patristic wisdom.   Contemporary fundamentalism takes many forms, and some forms of Orthodox fundamentalism oppose their versions of a religion of light to… Read more »

Tree of Wisdom and Glory

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The divided self, confusing ‘me’ with ‘I AM,’ is never satisfied, but lives as if the divine breast was dry, pretending to be full, but being empty, does not nourish anymore.  When wisdom turns and sees the fullness of ‘I AM,’ together with the emptiness that is infinite capacity to fulfil desire, there is recognition that desire is actually always… Read more »

Mystical Union in Hesychasm

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God the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, so the union of the Father and the Son, which is the mystery of the Holy Name, is opened to us in God.  It is not something we observe from without; it is revealed through God, in God, from within.  Orthodox tradition sees the Patriarch Enoch as… Read more »

Wisdom, Glory, and a Song of Songs

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Glory throws symbols between the uncreated and the created, symbols like light and fire, symbols which wisdom beholds as uncreated, creative energies unifying unity and difference in ways that confusion and division conceal.  Uncreated energies wed creation in holy unions of hallowing unity and wholesome difference, a holy love-play between wisdom and glory that sees awareness as ineffable openness and… Read more »

Yah Shuah Mari Yah: Wisdom Transmission of Glory.

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The wisdom transmission of Yah Shuah Mari Yah is the mystical legacy of Yeshuah, the Beloved, through MariYah, his Beloved Disciple, at the heart of the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of Saint John and the Book of Revelation.  The Gospel of Philip sees their holy co-companionship as the key to what MariYah, Apostle to the Apostles, hands on to the… Read more »


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Saint Mary Magdalene is called the apostle to the apostles because according to all four gospels she bears witness to Christ’s resurrection, empowering the Paschal sunrise in her awakened heart to dawn in every generation.   The apostles, prophets and saints received her prophetic word, the injunction to turn and see, by awakening to the uncreated light of Christ in their… Read more »

Love’s Glory.

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The wisdom of Yeshua Mariyah surfaces whenever love’s glory is unveiled, as in the Shrine of Saint Melangell at Pennant or here in Saint Melangell’s Cell, hidden in old woodland over a running stream.  There is no end to love’s glory whether here where elemental energies meet, or in the Wisdom Cell where the Beloved Disciple’s witness to resurrection soars… Read more »

Holy Tears

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Holy tears arise when the mind descends into the heart and emotions rise into the heart purifying both in the heart’s clear light. Wisdom is the state of seeing with the eye of the heart that has been melted by holy tears, which are the waters of wisdom washing our thoughts and emotions clean. Holy tears are a baptism in… Read more »