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Integral translucence of wisdom and glory

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Wisdom loves glory, inspiring glorifying love of wisdom, raising awakened hearts into realms of integral translucence.  Wisdom is integral because she springs from God to embrace everything that gives enduring glory to God, integrating glory with increasing glory in age after age.   Wisdom is translucent because she transfigures with glory all that bears witness to glory, everything that ascribes… Read more »

Fire, light and glory

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When the Holy Spirit anoints awareness with wisdom, unveiling presence as glory, the mind descends into the heart, uncovering union with God as fire, light and glory in the midst.  This is Hesychast transmission of purification, illumination and glorification through the Name.  It is tri-une revelation of the Name, revealing God through God in God, Holy Trinity.  The Name transmits… Read more »

Wisdom’s Eternal Gospel

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Wisdom discerns the glory of the Eternal Gospel (Revelation 14:6), glory unveiled by the prophets and witnessed by the apostles, wisdom awakening elders which imparts glory to the saints.  Wisdom is God’s vision of God in God, Holy Trinity in act as uncreated energy, revealing an Eternal Gospel of ever-present grace.  This gift of grace is God’s gift of God through God, a timeless… Read more »

Beauty and Glory

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Wisdom interprets the beauty of the revelatory Name as glory unveiling God in the midst.  Desert elders impart the injunction to turn and see, opening seeing to timeless union of seer and seen, union of the Son with the Father to which the Spirit bears witness, unveiling Holy Trinity.  This union is the beauty of holiness which sanctifies all who… Read more »

Friends of transfiguration

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Desert wisdom transmits transfiguring light in the Name, inspiring glorification of God in God through the Name, turning seers of glory into friends of transfiguration.   Prophecy hands on the uncreated Word that reveals the Name which pure prayer is empowered to assimilate, embraced as revelation of glory in the awakened heart.  Friends of transfiguration live in the light of glory, the… Read more »

Radical openness: wisdom in glory

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Revelation of the Name is inconceivable and ineffable, being the glory unveiled to wisdom in the radical openness of the awakened heart.  Hallowing the Name, the Kingdom comes but glory is unknowable and unutterable, even when wisdom opens the eye of the heart and the light of glory illumines.  The Father generates the Son anew in every moment, so that when the Spirit… Read more »

Pentecost and Glorification

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Pentecost transmits glorification but glorification is ineffable, so the symbols and icons that communicate its mysteries are not rational concepts, although reason may play a humble part in communicating them.  If the ineffable ‘words’ of revelation are confused with words of Scripture, the literal usurps the spiritual and uncreated energies of glory are shut out.  Elders constantly remind the saints not to confuse God with concepts of God.  Although… Read more »

Oneness, union and communion

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The beauty of holiness, which is glory, is union and communion with the oneness of the Name.  Glory is the healing oneness of the Name, embracing one and all in beauty of holiness through union and communion.  Oneness calls forth union and communion but is not heard until wisdom embraces the Name.  True hearing happens when wisdom bears witness, shema, to the Name, Shem, revealed on… Read more »

Fire, light and glory

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According to Orthodox hesychasm, wisdom purifies the heart with the fire of light and glory.  Illumination is not therefore the reward for purification achieved without it, by ascetic effort alone.  Although elders speak of purification leading to illumination and to glorification, they know that without the grace of uncreated light, purification remains external.  Without the remembrance of God, the heart remains blind… Read more »