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Angelic Vision and Wisdom Song

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Desert wisdom turns to see, awakening light to glory that illumines as enlightened wisdom vision and resounds as enchanting wisdom song, glorification uniting light and sound.  Glory is both wisdom vision and wisdom song, light and sound, visual vibration and audible reverberation.  Glorification, in short, is hallowing enlightenment as luminous vision and hallowing enchantment as wisdom song.  The Holy Ones, whether angels… Read more »

Love is the meaning of glory

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Mother Julian of Norwich was shown that love was our Lord’s meaning; ‘I AM,’ love’s glory, the ground of all our beseeching (Revelation of Love ch. 86).  Like Dame Julian, desert wisdom questions the enduring meaning of being, searching out the hidden ground of uncreated, deifying grace.  Prophecy transmits the Name so that prayer may receive its gracious gifts, opening… Read more »

Sanctuary of Peace

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The awakened heart is a sanctuary of peace, a place of joy, a cave of mysteries and home of glory where shadows flee and darkness dazzles.  The heart rejoices in the beauty of its King whose glory fills his Kingdom with boundless love, whose face unveils glory to the saints.  Abidng in the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber, elders weep for all… Read more »

Mystical Union in Hesychasm

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God the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, so the union of the Father and the Son, which is the mystery of the Holy Name, is opened to us in God.  It is not something we observe from without; it is revealed through God, in God, from within.  Orthodox tradition sees the Patriarch Enoch as… Read more »