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Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory

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Prophecy discerns the embrace of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory in Christ’s heart as he undergoes death, resurrection, ascension and glorification, interceding on behalf of all, as the whole Adam in person.  His heart enthrones God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ in death and descent into hell, in resurrection and ascension into heaven, in glorification on high and intercession for all (Rom 8: 34).  The… Read more »

Love of enemies

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Saint Silouan the Athonite bears witness to love of enemies as the spiritual criterion of true Orthodox Christian Tradition.  Whenever political enmity threatens to divide the Orthodox Church, the mystery of Pentecost speaks to her condition, revealing how love of enemies acknowledges the many warring tongues even as it bears witness to the one Spirit, the one flame of fire… Read more »

I AM: self-emptying and co-inherence

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Archimandrite Sophrony left many gifts to those who revered and loved him, but to some he bequeathed the healing mystery of the Name ‘I AM,’ set like a jewel within the mysteries of self-emptying kenosis and of perichoresis, co-inherence.  Recently, in a woodland skete just like many to be found on the Holy Mountain but blessing England with its humble presence… Read more »

New Jerusalem

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Christian Tradition is one in Christ, one in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, one in the transmission of the Name, one in the faith that hallows the Name and bears witness to the Kingdom come.  Wisdom discerns the unifying glory of the Name as the New Jerusalem, Bride of Christ, transmitting the communion of the Bridal Chamber, the voice of… Read more »

Poetry of Vision: Wisdom of Stillness

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The unspoken horizon of stillness is given within the revelation of the Name, and its ineffable theophany is given the divine name glory, and its ineffable epiphany is given the divine name wisdom.  Hesychast wisdom inspires a poetry of vision that plays with multifaceted symbolism, which in turn infuses pure prayer of the Spirit in the heart, prayer that assimilates what… Read more »

Wisdom’s eye of the Heart

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The eye of wisdom in the desert knows ‘I AM’ as Logos through ‘I AM’ as Spirit, ascribing glory to ‘I AM, the Father.  Wilderness turns every winding way into a straight path when God is ‘I AM’ revealing ‘I AM’ to ‘I AM.’  The straight path winds again in varied ways whenever we waver from God seeing God through… Read more »

One Kingdom: Seven Heavens…1

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The wisdom of the desert sees prayer of the Name as a hallowing of seven heavens which involves a harrowing of seven hells.  The Name  EHYEH, ‘I AM,’ was unveiled in the desert in the midst of a burning bush, symbol of uncreated transforming fire, which consumes hell’s confusions but not heaven’s sound differentiation and heals hell’s separation so as to… Read more »

Hollow Horn Bear

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Hollow Horn Bear gazes into us out of sorrow that does not define him, with serenity that does not confine him, open to ‘I AM’ that transcends him and opening, inspires him, saying: ‘I AM’ is one.  ‘I AM’ is closer to him than he is to himself and closer to me than my own self, when turning turns and… Read more »

Transfigured Harmony

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Close to a pilgrim’s road in southern Occitania, Santa Majestat has gazed down at weary pilgrims in the cool of Trinity Chapel for nigh on nine hundred years.  As gentle radiance of Holy Trinity, his serene gaze has communicated his inexhaustible energies of kindly stillness without demanding from us what we were too tired to give.  Instead, he just gives and… Read more »

Harmony and Completeness

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Prophecy communicates the Word that unveils the revelatory Name, pointing out where God is to be found, so that prayer can assimilate the glory of the Name, which imparts uncreated harmony with consummate completeness.  To keep the vision, wisdom turns and sees, letting harmony transfigure what glory completes.  Curing confusion that separates us from God, ourselves and one another, the delusion of… Read more »