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Holy Name and Desert Wisdom.

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 The desert transmits the Holy Name in accordance with the revelation of the Name on Mount Sinai, in the light of the ‘I AM’ sayings of Christ in the Gospel of John, which unveil the transmission of the Name to the Beloved Disciple.  This revelation of the Name on the Mountain of transfiguration informs every dimension of desert wisdom, unveiling… Read more »

Prophetic wisdom and unceasing prayer

Prophetic wisdom springs from the ineffable openness of uncreated awareness, opening prayer to the ineffable oneness of uncreated presence, wisdom beholding glory in the Name, unveiling God in the midst.  God unveils God through God, the Spirit proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, revealing God’s Name, ‘I AM.’  Elders know that God’s ‘I’ awareness is ever-present, beholding God’s… Read more »

Sanctuary of Peace

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The awakened heart is a sanctuary of peace, a place of joy, a cave of mysteries and home of glory where shadows flee and darkness dazzles.  The heart rejoices in the beauty of its King whose glory fills his Kingdom with boundless love, whose face unveils glory to the saints.  Abidng in the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber, elders weep for all… Read more »

Fire, light and glory

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According to Orthodox hesychasm, wisdom purifies the heart with the fire of light and glory.  Illumination is not therefore the reward for purification achieved without it, by ascetic effort alone.  Although elders speak of purification leading to illumination and to glorification, they know that without the grace of uncreated light, purification remains external.  Without the remembrance of God, the heart remains blind… Read more »

Wisdom, Prophecy and Prayer

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Healthy Orthodox Christianity bears witness to Christ as wisdom, renewing tradition through prophecy and assimilating wisdom through prayer.  When wisdom is neglected, it becomes impossible to tell the difference between wholesome orthodoxy and heresy.  Gnosticism fell into heresy when the Church’s healthy gnosis was lost and divisive confusion broke her wholesome union of communion, causing divisive schism.  Ever since the second century,… Read more »

Elijah: Prophet of Prayer

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Elijah is the Prophet of Prayer and whenever the word of prophecy opens the eye of the heart to pure prayer, the sacred tradition of Elijah is renewed.   The uncreated fire that consumes all that confuses us with God also cures all that separates us from God, because dissipation is determined by demonic division which hallowing communion alone can… Read more »

Humble Obedience to the Will of God

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Humility is Christ-like when there is no trace of self-interest but simply obedience to the divine will, which hallows the Name so the Kingdom comes.  The Holy Spirit abides in the Son at the heart of the Church, humbly interceding in the Name, witness to God’s Kingdom in the hallowing.  Sacred tradition has nothing to do with pious addictive habits… Read more »

Mystical Union in Hesychasm

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God the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, so the union of the Father and the Son, which is the mystery of the Holy Name, is opened to us in God.  It is not something we observe from without; it is revealed through God, in God, from within.  Orthodox tradition sees the Patriarch Enoch as… Read more »

Elijah: Prophet of Prayer

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As the prophet of prayer, Elijah turns the hearts of spiritual fathers to their children and the hearts of spiritual children to their fathers, lest the curse of separation overcome us. (Malachi 4: 4-6)  The prophet Malachi bears witness to the holy function of Elijah, the function of turning hearts to ‘I AM,’ God’s presence in elders and saints, renewing… Read more »

Apostolic Wisdom Orthodoxy.

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Orthodoxy is Catholic and Apostolic when it sings its wisdom songs to transmit its mysteries to the hearts of mankind as a whole, free of all tribal narrowness and self-interested shallowness.  It does not exist  to tell the ethnic Orthodox they are right to belong to their tribe of ethnic Orthodoxy or to confirm the ethnic Orthodox in their self- interested… Read more »