Love is the meaning of glory

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Mother Julian of Norwich was shown that love was our Lord’s meaning; ‘I AM,’ love’s glory, the ground of all our beseeching (Revelation of Love ch. 86).  Like Dame Julian, desert wisdom questions the enduring meaning of being, searching out the hidden ground of uncreated, deifying grace.  Prophecy transmits the Name so that prayer may receive its gracious gifts, opening… Read more »

Wisdom, glory and a garden tomb.

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In pure prayer, God whispers in the hidden garden of the heart, ‘I am I AM, thy God, turn and see!’  Prayer in the garden discovers God is ‘I AM,’ revealing God to us.  My ‘me’ is not ‘I AM,’ usurping God at centre, because even when I become self-centred and fall from glory, God always actually remains ‘I AM’… Read more »

Unveiled Face of Wisdom: thrice-holy sevens of glory

God unveils his face of wisdom when he reveals the glory of his presence through his Name, the experience of glory to which prophets and apostles bear witness that should never be confused with visionary apparitions of psychic phenomena or sensual perceptions of objectified appearances (2 Cor 3:18).  Glory, being the uncreated energy of God, is not something that comes… Read more »

Name Hallowing : Kiddush ha-Shem

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Name hallowing, (kiddush ha-shem) ascribes glory to God through his Holy Name ‘I AM,’ in and through whom there arises all that there is.  God’s Kingdom comes when wisdom hallows the glory of God’s Name, wisdom always alight now in blessed union with glory forever present.  Glorification hallows God’s Name above all names, the Name of ‘He who is, who was and… Read more »

Christ’s transfiguring heart

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Christ’s transfiguring heart reveals mysteries of wisdom and glory through the Name  which open out to every mystery of Christ in his death, resurrection, ascension and glorification but also to his intercession for all at the heart of each of these mysteries.  Wisdom discerns glory in Christ’s death and resurrection by including his baptism at the heart of his transfiguration,… Read more »

Quick, sudden wisdom

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Christ in the Spirit says ‘Behold, ‘I AM’ quick in my coming, always sudden as awareness and utterly direct as presence, instantaneously quick when invoked.’  First to come and last to stay, Christ unveils God’s Name, ‘ I AM,’ alpha and omega, aware at the beginning and present to the end, always shining and radiantly bright whether like the morning star… Read more »

Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory

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Prophecy discerns the embrace of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory in Christ’s heart as he undergoes death, resurrection, ascension and glorification, interceding on behalf of all, as the whole Adam in person.  His heart enthrones God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ in death and descent into hell, in resurrection and ascension into heaven, in glorification on high and intercession for all (Rom 8: 34).  The… Read more »

Hidden Wisdom

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Hidden wisdom bears witness to the loving but hidden glory of the Holy Name, a union of uncreated awareness and uncreated presence, God’s ‘I’ of wisdom and his ‘AM’ of glory, but this Seraphic and Cherubic mystery conceals itself from fear, but also from shallow, profane scrutiny.  God is beautiful and loves beauty, the light of his wisdom embracing the beauty… Read more »

Spirit of love curing fear

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The Spirit of love delights in love’s unselfish glorification of God, which turns fear’s selfish loves into God’s unselfish love, instead of returning evil for evil or revenging wrongs with wrongs.  Love trusts love to overcome what opposes love, hoping often against all hope that love will overcome.  Love’s patience is gentle and kind so when it meets fear’s terror… Read more »

The humility of God

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Saint Sophrony of Essex taught that the reason Holy Orthodoxy calls humility a divine Name is because God is humility.  God’s Name is ‘I AM,’ humble awareness in communion with humble presence, the humble ‘I’ of wisdom in union with the humble ‘AM’ of presence.  God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ communicates God’s humility, curing pride, and does not therefore, like our hardened hearts, require… Read more »