Wisdom Hermitage

Father Silouan now lives in a Wisdom Hermitage in St Davids after a few months in a hermitage in Essex and eighteen years in the desert as a hermit Priest-Monk in the Monastery of Saint Antony and Saint Cuthbert at Gatten on the Stiperstones following ten years in the Monastery of Saint John the Baptist at Tolleshunt Knights in Essex.  He continues to live an Orthodox Hesychast monastic life in St Davids as in the monastery in Shropshire with the blessing of his Bishop, Metropolitan Joseph, and with the enthusiastic encouragement of many who have been supporting him in Shropshire.  

in June 2017, six trustees of the Stiperstones Trust decided to offer the twenty acre site to Archimandrite Philip Hall to become an Antiochian Archdiocesan Monastery under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Silouan and this intention was confirmed at a Trustees Meeting on September 2nd 2017.  The Monastery at Gatten is now occupied by the Brotherhood of St Peter and St Paul, in the Archdiocese of Antioch, which currently consists of Father Philip and three postulants.   The monks can be contacted on the monastery website <www.orthodoxmonastery.co.uk> 

All who have been following this Wisdom Journal over the last four years on the Stiperstones Trust Orthodox Monastery website <www.orthodoxmonastery.co.uk>  continue to have access to it here on this  website <www.wisdomhermitage.org.uk>

All those visiting this website for the first time are most welcome and will be able to contact Father Silouan by email at <silouan571@gmail.com>.   If you wish to contact him by telephone, Father Silouan’s hermitage number in St Davids is 01437 721718 or from outside the UK, 0044 1437 721718.