Wisdom Treasures

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   The Stiperstones Rose is a perennial symbol of renewing wisdom.  The Apostles transmitted living wisdom to elders, unveiling hidden depths of glory to the saints.  Their living witness grounded glorification in a living and unbroken tradition, founded on two injunctions, to turn and to see: to turn from darkness into light and to see light through light.

Turning opens the heart to what the Name unveils, without profaning the mysteries of glory, which are enshrined therein.  Seeing unveils the heart to the union of seer and seen in God the Holy Trinity, grounding the timeless mysteries of the Father, unveiled here and now through the Son, sustained in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    Wisdom sees what perception overlooks, unveiling what the un-awakened heart cannot conceive.   God reveals the uncreated light of his wisdom through Christ, in the depths of the Holy Spirit, opening hearts to the Father’s secret, which is his Holy Name.  Wisdom conceals even as she reveals herself by remaining hidden to curious scrutiny, but remains generous in her discernment of glory in uncreated light.  She comes to our help as inexhaustible grace, strengthening us in our weakness. 

    What the apostles transmitted, elders still impart, as long as there are ears to hear and eyes to see.  Appearing foolish to those who prefer clever sophistication, this profound wisdom is handed on as treasure gems, veiled as pebbles until the eye of the heart opens.  There is no end to the spacious openness of primordial wisdom, nor limit to the ineffable presence of uncreated glory.  What is generously shared by elders without self-interest is handed on without reserve to the saints from generation to generation.