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Vulnerable wisdom

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Many are of the opinion that there is no profound wisdom in Christianity and that wisdom is to be found only in Eastern religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism, Sufism or Taoism.  This assumption forms part of a profound cultural crisis that sees Christianity as the tool of western imperialist oppression and therefore responsible for most of the world’s ills.  The… Read more »

Ineffable release

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Ineffable release abides at centre in Christ as it rests in peace in this life and in the world to come.  Death is release when timeless awareness abides in pure presence on both sides of the great divide.  The transition called death is not the catastrophic loss that fear dreads but is rather an ineffable release into love’s blessed consummation…. Read more »

Ineffable oneness

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The ineffable oneness of uncreated awareness and uncreated presence here at the heart of the Name is an ecstatic union of wisdom and glory in the Holy of Holies.  It is axial union at centre, uncreated light of ineffable oneness of Godhead in Holy Trinity, shared by the Father with the Son and the Spirit in Trinitarian co-inherence.  It is the ineffable… Read more »

Ineffable lucidity

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The ineffable lucidity of wisdom weds the incomprehensible radiance of glory at the heart of the Name ‘I AM.’  Uncreated awareness abides timelessly in uncreated presence, revealing first-personhood to be God’s mystery of mysteries in the light and glory of his revelatory Name.  Saint Sophrony the Hesychast bequeathed a restorative legacy of profound Johannine wisdom to Orthodoxy when he pointed out… Read more »

Radical openness of wisdom

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God’s Name reveals God, the Spirit bearing witness to God the Son, the Son bearing witness to God the Father, the Father bearing witness through the Spirit to the Son.  The Name ‘I AM’ is awareness bearing witness to presence as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, each person pointing to the other as awareness welcoming presence, as wisdom beholding… Read more »

‘I AM’ the resurrection and the life

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PASCHA    2020.  Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Christ resurrected, ascended and glorified reveals the way, the truth and the life of the glorified Name (John 14:6).  So when he speaks in God’s Name, he says: ‘I AM’ the resurrection and the life (John 11:25).’  When he appears to Mary Magdalene in the garden, he is the resurrection… Read more »

Transfiguring theophanies of Holy Trinity

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Christ is primordially aware and present in the pure realm of the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart, easily bearing the heavy burdens of fear, lightening the darkness of narrow and shallow religion.  He is aware and present as ‘I AM,’ his saving Name, YAH SHUAH, ‘I AM saves,’ Jesus.  The prayer of Jesus becomes the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the… Read more »

Christ healing fear

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Desert Hesychasm bears witness to the mysteries of Christ in the heart, the mystery of Baptism which it lives as purification through turning, the mystery of Chrismation which it lives as  illumination through seeing, and the mystery of the Eucharist which it lives as glorification through divine-human being.  It lives these mysteries by awakening to Christ, Christ who is the… Read more »

Christ our mystagogue

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Christ is YHWH SABAOTH, Lord of angel hosts, EHYEH in the midst of the ELOHIM, ‘I AM’ in the midst of the glorified.  He is our holy mystagogue, guiding our hearts to the altar of his presence and the hallowing completeness of his awareness.  Indeed, glorification is union and communion with him in his Holy Name, and angels always bear… Read more »

Guardian angels: mystagogy of wisdom and glory

Desert fathers were immersed in Christ’s wisdom and consequently were profoundly aware of the presence of angels.  In this they were consistent with the first Christians of the New Testament and with the Eastern Churches of the early centuries.  Angels were sons of God Most High and saints like angels were sons of God by grace.  So when elders passed from… Read more »