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Crowning and enthroning

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Wisdom, clear as crystal, flows from the glory that enthrones the Name, communicating the life-blood of boundless love that flows forth as grace from the wounds of the slaughtered lamb, restoring healing glory to the Father in his Kingdom.  Christ dwells in the midst of this glory, enthroned with the Father at centre, where all centres coincide.  He is the wisdom… Read more »

Revelation of the Name

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The Revelation of the Name hallows the ground where the bush burns, glorifying all who turn to see, unveiling the Name that consumes confusion whilst abiding in the Name that does not consume (Ex 3:1-14).  Christ’s wisdom opens heavens on earth when the Name is hallowed on earth as in heaven, which is why the Lord’s Prayer hallows the Name, that… Read more »

Book of Revelation: Christ’s glorification

The Book of Revelation opens the mysteries of Christ’s glorification in a series of visions which reveal mysteries of purification in the Lamb, illumination as the Bride of the Lamb and glorification in the Holy City, New Jerusalem,  initially unveiling Christ in the midst of the Spirit’s seven lamps (Rev 1: 12-20), his revelatory vision of God the creator (Rev 4:1-11)… Read more »

Three tenses of the Name

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Desert wisdom imparts the Tetragrammaton, the four letter Name of God, YHWH, and the two letter Name YH or Yah, in the light of the Name ‘I AM’ in Exodus 3:14 and the ‘I AM’ sayings in the Gospel of John.  It does so in the tradition of Ezekiel’s chariot-throne vision and the revelation of the three tenses of the… Read more »

Christ’s saving grace

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Christ the Logos is the meaning of being unveiled as saving grace.  Christ covers our repeated falls from glory with saving grace, love’s ineffable glory, addressing our straying and stressing with the radiance of his timeless Name uniting wisdom and glory.  When the Name is not hallowed as it is in heaven, an endless range of opinions easily intrude, obscuring… Read more »

Incomprehensible mysteries

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Desert wisdom beholds the glory of grace which sustains the incomprehensible mysteries of revelation.  It understands the dogmas of the Church to be mysteries of grace which wisdom embraces as glory without confusion or division, beyond delusion and separation.  The way of doxological negation does not fixate on itself as destructive nihilism but negates negation and so releases nihilism as well… Read more »

Ineffable utterance

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The mystical theology of Eastern Orthodox Hesychasm speaks words of wisdom as prophecy which elders impart to awaken prayer, but elders know it is the Spirit that utters ineffable words in the heart that open the eye of the heart.  The Apostle Paul says he cannot express what was communicated to him as ineffable utterance in the third heaven (2… Read more »

Eternal Gospel

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The Eternal Gospel (Rev 14:6), is unveiled in the desert as the hidden gospel concealed from before the foundation of the world, the primordial gospel unveiling the most ancient of days, the timeless Day of the revealed Name, awareness of wisdom and presence of glory.  The Eternal Gospel unveils ‘I AM’  in the midst, inspiring glad tidings that are timeless,… Read more »

Translucent ascent and descending glory

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The desert interprets the experience of purification and illumination as mystical ascent, completed by glorification, the experience of mystical descent.  Ascent purifies the heart by dissolving confusion and burning up impurity, crystallising what is dissolved into translucent clarity.  Descent gathers everything into the divine embrace of love, leaving nothing outside the scope of glorification.  Seers often liken illumination to a crystalline… Read more »

Wisdom’s living stream

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Desert elders abide in the Holy Name of God, ‘I AM,’ a union of deifying awareness and uncreated presence which reveals the enlightened state of hallowed glorification as wisdom’s living stream to the saints.  ‘I AM’ is ever-present as timeless awareness, but without recognition, there is no remembrance of God, only the endless confusion of conditioning thoughts grasping at conditioned phenomena, or… Read more »