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Love is Enough

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‘Love is enough,’ for the void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter those lips and those eyes of the loved and the lover (William Morris: ‘Love is Enough,’ A poetic Romance in the form of a Lyric Masque, 1873).  For Morris, as for the Song of Songs, ‘love is enough’ because its music of spheres is the song of angels… Read more »

Gospel of Grace

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The Holy Gospel of grace is hidden with Christ in God in worlds of pride and vainglory, worlds that reject wisdom, but wisdom is revealed in realms of glory that humbly trust the Holy Name to save.  Indeed, there is no Gospel of Grace when religion is reduced to individual effort and struggle, when salvation lies in an inaccessible and hidden future…. Read more »

Ascension of Isaiah

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In an early second century Apocalypse, the Ascension of Isaiah, we discover that Christian prophecy was alive and well despite its exclusion from mainstream Christian circles, proving that visionary ascent was not neglected in the wilderness, because wisdom, as it ascended through seven heavens, beheld the glory of the throne in the midst of all seven of them.  Glory lay at the heart… Read more »

Song of a Guardian Angel

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I am a guardian angel singing my Song, hallowing God’s Name at the heart of awareness, hallowing God’s saints at the heart of his presence.  I am witness to his ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence as your guardian angel, singing a Song of deifying Oneness in the heart of God.  You are usually too busy to listen, but my Song… Read more »

Song of the Name

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I am ‘I AM,’ the Name sings, singing the Song of one awareness ever-present, one presence ever-aware.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other, uncreated light singing of uncreated glory, free of confusion and division and the conditioning that confuses and divides.  The Name sings: I have never not been aware and present, just as I… Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom, in angels and saints, is the love-child of wisdom and the Name, born of glory, unveiling the Name in uncreated light, glorifying the Name in uncreated glory. Love of wisdom is the angelic response to wisdom’s first love, inspiring saints to fall in love with wisdom’s beauty, loving wisdom’s glory to their life’s end.  This ‘philosophy’ that inspires… Read more »

Archangels Gabriel, Oriel, Phanuel and Raphael

The heavenly twin can manifest in many mysterious ways, but as angel of revelation and wisdom, the twin loves to unveil the angel of the Name, Shemuel, with whom four  archangels love to bear witness to the Name, Gabriel, angel of revelation, Oriel, angel of uncreated light and illumination, Phanuel, angel of the unveiled Face of uncreated Presence and revelatory Personhood,… Read more »

Chalcedonian Christophanic Wisdom

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Chalcedonian Christian wisdom lives and abides within Christ’s own unconfused indivisibility, the unconfused indivisibility of his divine-humanity, the unconfused indivisibility of his union with the Father as the Son, the unconfused indivisibility of the Spirit’s witness to the unconfused union and indivisible communion of the Father and the Son.  This is the ineffable wisdom of the Song of Songs, the… Read more »

Desert Stillness

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Desert stillness testifies to the Kingdom of glory present in the hallowed Name, whose radiant wisdom hallows the Name in heart and forehead, crowning with glory all who turn with profound metanoia, all who see as they are seen, all whose hearts are sanctuaries of the indwelling Name, temples of the Spirit’s unceasing prayer, ‘Abba, Father,’ witness to the union… Read more »