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Chalcedonian Christophanic Wisdom

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Chalcedonian Christian wisdom lives and abides within Christ’s own unconfused indivisibility, the unconfused indivisibility of his divine-humanity, the unconfused indivisibility of his union with the Father as the Son, the unconfused indivisibility of the Spirit’s witness to the unconfused union and indivisible communion of the Father and the Son.  This is the ineffable wisdom of the Song of Songs, the… Read more »

Desert Stillness

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Desert stillness testifies to the Kingdom of glory present in the hallowed Name, whose radiant wisdom hallows the Name in heart and forehead, crowning with glory all who turn with profound metanoia, all who see as they are seen, all whose hearts are sanctuaries of the indwelling Name, temples of the Spirit’s unceasing prayer, ‘Abba, Father,’ witness to the union… Read more »


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Gratitude rejoices in grace and in the Spirit that inspires wisdom to discern glory in the ineffable wonder of grace.  Confusion gives way to wonder when presence of glory inspires wisdom to sing wisdom songs of inexpressible gratitude, infusing ineffable words of the Spirit giving thanks for the glory of grace.  To see who sees here is to behold wisdom’s… Read more »

The Thrice Holy Hymn

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Glorified saints sing the Thrice Holy Hymn Isaiah heard in the Temple in BC 742, sung by six-winged Seraphim before the throne in heaven, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory’ (Isaiah 6:3).  ‘Lord,’ here, names God’s Name, ‘EHYEH,’ ‘I AM,’ so the Thrice Holy Hymn glorifies God’s Name ‘I AM’… Read more »

Angelic Vision and Wisdom Song

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Desert wisdom turns to see, awakening light to glory that illumines as enlightened wisdom vision and resounds as enchanting wisdom song, glorification uniting light and sound.  Glory is both wisdom vision and wisdom song, light and sound, visual vibration and audible reverberation.  Glorification, in short, is hallowing enlightenment as luminous vision and hallowing enchantment as wisdom song.  The Holy Ones, whether angels… Read more »

Wisdom Song

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Wisdom Song is the music of angels in heaven so it is no surprise that it sustains the angelic life of saints on earth.  Wisdom ascribes glory to God so as to empty vain glory of vanity everywhere.   Wisdom song sings of the glory of Great Peace, in peace praying for peace that glory may lead from glory to greater… Read more »