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Enlightening Vision

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Vision of God is enlightening vision, extending the reign of heaven to earth.  Purity of heart is single-minded when the mind descends into the enlightened heart, dissolving hardness of heart and sclerosis of mind.  The storm of confusion is stilled when wisdom illumines the mind in the heart, healing devilish division with manifold wisdom.   Contemplative wisdom is vision of God,… Read more »

Paraclete: Spirit of Truth

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The Paraclete is the Spirit of Truth proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, bearing witness to the Father through the Son  (John 15:26).  As Paraclete, the Spirit comes to help us in our weakness, interceding on our behalf on the Day of Doom, which is every day that judgment separates confusion from communion, union from division.  Bearing… Read more »

Awakening Hearts

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Awakening hearts hear as well as see the hidden glory that wisdom sings, turning awareness round to hear God in the midst, turning to listen to God’s presence in the silence of the night.  Glory is invisible to visual perception and inaudible to aural perception, but wisdom discerns God at centre in the midst.  Awakened hearts, enlightened by wisdom, contemplate the… Read more »

Language of Angels

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Love is the language of angels, uniting heavenly realms with earthly worlds, singing the ineffable language of wisdom.  When wisdom sings, prophecy breaks free from the conventional mind that lives from fear and imposes control, cutting through obstructive barriers, soaring over stubborn resistance.  Wisdom is prophetic as it prays without ceasing in the Holy Spirit, communicating union with the Father in Christ,… Read more »

Glory to Thee

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Wisdom loves her timeless doxology descending from on high to glorify God, restoring glory to the Father with the Son, through the unceasing prayer of the Holy Spirit. Doxology is divine essence in act, actively expressing quintessential divinity, revealing Holy Trinity: ‘Glory be to Thee, O our God, Glory be to thee.’  This very ancient doxology predates the dogmatic theology of… Read more »

Wisdom, Crown and Throne

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Wisdom crowns seers with uncreated light, enthroning saints with deifying energy of uncreated glory, revealing the reign of the Name.  The body of light manifests the body of glory through the uncreated grace of the Name, purifying the heart by enlightening the mind in the heart, transfiguring creation.  Deification remains hidden with Christ in God until wisdom dawns, uniting uncreated wisdom with hidden glory…. Read more »

Hallelu Yah

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The quintessential song of praise, ‘Hallelu Yah,’ hallows the Name of saving grace that reveals God’s reign of glory, unveiling the face of holiness in the Holy Spirit. Glorification cleaves to the revelatory Name without wavering from the praises of its glory, opening the eye of the heart to wisdom.  The mercy prayed for in the Jesus Prayer is God’s loving… Read more »

Simplicity of Heart

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Simplicity of heart dissolves confusion in the depths, healing division in the heights, enlightening seers, glorifying saints.  Grace rejoices hearts simplified by uncreated light, inspiring wisdom song in praise of God’s Name.  Wisdom discerns the glory of grace in its ineffable simplicity, restoring glory to the Father through Christ in the Holy Spirit, integrating whatever separation divides.  Grace saves lost souls in… Read more »

Yoke of Love

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Wisdom is God’s yoke of love speaking through prophecy to awaken prayer, conjoining human lovers with the divine Beloved, as in the Song of Songs, opening the Holy of Holies to the ineffable mystery of the Bridal Chamber.  Trust in Christ releases fear into love in the Holy Spirit, opening hells to heavens of infinite grace and unconditioned glory.  Holy Orthodoxy… Read more »

Wisdom Song

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The heart sings wisdom songs when grace overflows the heart and glory soars over mountains of resistance, prevarication, postponement and perversion.  The Spirit prays as it wills in the depths of the heart, so why fuss about ways and means?   Our spirit rejoices in the Holy Spirit when wisdom turns and sees God present at centre in the heart, dissolving… Read more »