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Hallowing the Name

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The Word names the hallowing Name, revealing the glory of the Father, through the wisdom of the Son in the peace of the Holy Spirit, unveiling God’s blessed Reign in his Name.  Hallowing the Name, Kiddush haShem, sanctifies saints who die to death before they die, rise from the dead to ascend in uncreated light, glorified by the uncreated grace of the… Read more »

Winged Chariot Throne

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Martyrs rise on winged chariot thrones, bearing witness to truth in a world that prefers lies it wants to be true, releasing totalitarian stealth back into costly truth. Christ is a haven of peace in the truth of his Name, stilling war by releasing error and terror.  The Spirit never strays from the Truth of Christ, even when Orthodoxy is… Read more »

Prayer of the Heart

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The prayer of the heart regenerates prophecy, transfiguring the vision of the Father’s realm of the Name, recognising Christ’s reign of the Name in the Spirit’s revelation of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory.  Unveiling Holy Trinity, Holy Orthodoxy is not the reification of this transfiguring recognition but release of reification into original Christophany in the Spirit’s wisdom, liberating reification into ineffable openness in the eye… Read more »

Joy of Grace

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Joy loves grace in the hearts of martyrs who suffer in Christ’s Holy Name and who witness to the knowledge of the Most High, sealed with mystery since before the foundation of the world.  Red martyrdom sheds blood that flows into the redemptive blood of Christ, whilst white martyrdom rejoins the uncreated light of Christ, both of them aware that uncreated life is… Read more »

Two-edged Sword

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The two-edged sword of prophecy cuts both ways, through hardened institution and through dissipating dislocation, healing destitution.  Dislocation shatters union whilst institution reifies it, causing sclerotic fixation, quenching the consuming fire of grace.  Glory is the flame of the saving Name, inspiring prophecy, regenerating prayer, curing destitution.  The sword of prophecy has a two-edged blade that severs old delusion and cuts… Read more »

Love of my life

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Glory be to thee, O Christ, love of my life, overcoming my death by your death, resurrecting my death in your life, ascending my light through your light, descending as glory from your glory, glorifying my brokenness with ineffable light.  Glory to thee, Father of light, generating light from light in the night of my life, light of turning, light… Read more »

Silent Stillness

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Silent stillness reverberates with ineffable words and numbers, richly adorned with multi-textured glory, shimmering with multiple-dimensional oneness and openness.  The practice of completeness hallows the Name with wisdom’s discernment of glory in every breath, beholding the body of rainbow light reflecting and refracting the uncreated body of ineffable glory.  It is not that the material body ceases to manifest in the three dimensions of… Read more »

Five dimensions of wisdom and glory

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Wisdom and glory unite in the Holy of Holies, transcending the binary duality of male and female in paradise, which unites heaven and earth in the created, intelligible dance, which unites in turn with the uncreated energies of God.  It was Saint Maximus who spelt out these five dimensions of union in Christ in the seventh century, although John 1, 1 John 1, Ephesians… Read more »

Wisdom Song

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The Song of the Name was wisdom song inspiring a wisdom round cell on the hill, infusing the wisdom of prophecy and prayer, prophecy renewing images, prayer  transcendending images (Wisdom, Prophecy and Prayer 2013).  The wisdom of prophecy regenerated images in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ‘Life of Merlin’ with images of the Manstone’s Christly enthronement on the Stiperstones (Merlin on Manstone Mynd… Read more »

Song of the Name

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 I came to tell thee my Name,  /  I am ‘I AM’ in thy midst .  / Turn, turn, and thou shall be turned;  /  turn and see who sees.  /  I am ‘I AM,’ that is my Name,  /  the glory belongs to God alone.  /  Vain, vain, the glory when confusion  /  reigns and the glory darkly falls.  /   The… Read more »