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Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom, in angels and saints, is the love-child of wisdom and the Name, born of glory, unveiling the Name in uncreated light, glorifying the Name in uncreated glory. Love of wisdom is the angelic response to wisdom’s first love, inspiring saints to fall in love with wisdom’s beauty, loving wisdom’s glory to their life’s end.  This ‘philosophy’ that inspires… Read more »

Creative Imagination and the Heavenly Twin

Wisdom invites us to behold the heavenly twin that God’s uncreated imagination creatively envisions, when we are created in God’s image.  The heavenly twin beholds this divine image with a view to our rising into its likeness, for it is our guardian angel who guides us from way ahead of us, God’s reign of glory, into the mysteries of purification,… Read more »

Prophecy and Prayer

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Pure prayer is remembrance of God and prophecy is witness to pure prayer, clearing away all that hinders the remembrance of God.  Saints love to remember God but without turning there can be no seeing, in which case remembrance may, for a time, be extinguished.  Prophecy reminds them that the extinction of their remembrance never extinguishes God’s remembrance of them, for… Read more »

Remembrance of God

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Shemuel, the angel of the Name, Shem, is not saying: ‘Look at me,’ but ‘Remember God.’  All archangels and angels agree with him, saying, ‘Do not fixate on us, but remember God, for the remembrance of God is holy and hallows all that there is.’  Shemuel’s love of the Holy Name unveils this love to be loving remembrance of God in his Holy… Read more »

Archangels Gabriel, Oriel, Phanuel and Raphael

The heavenly twin can manifest in many mysterious ways, but as angel of revelation and wisdom, the twin loves to unveil the angel of the Name, Shemuel, with whom four  archangels love to bear witness to the Name, Gabriel, angel of revelation, Oriel, angel of uncreated light and illumination, Phanuel, angel of the unveiled Face of uncreated Presence and revelatory Personhood,… Read more »

Solitude and Community

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The blessing of the Holy Spirit imparts grace to the purified heart, whether in solitude or in community, fulfilling all the prescribed sacraments of the Church through purification and illumination, completing their uncreated empowerments with love’s uncreated glorification.  Solitaries are not excluded from the grace of glorification, nor are members of thriving monastic communities always partakers in the grace of illumination, because… Read more »

Twinned Angel of the Name

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The angel of the Name bears witness to the revelation of the Name in the heart, keeping safe the myatery of Name-hallowing until such time as the heart turns to see.  Deification by grace includes this awakening to the witnessing heavenly twin, the angel of realisation, who is the prophet of our glorification.   Orthodox Hesychasm fully acknowledges theosis to be… Read more »

Wisdom: Uncreated creative creativity

Wisdom is uncreated  and her uncreated creativity is the creative energy that creates and recreates creation anew in every moment, making all things new.  Biblical and Patristic wisdom teaches that wisdom beholds the glory of uncreated grace, being herself, like glory, uncreated energy, endlessly creative in her uncreated creativity.  So it should be no surprise that when, in 1922, a wisdom… Read more »

Holy Trust

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Those who put their trust in the Name, stand steadfast in wisdom, whose consummate completeness is perfect consonance, both dazzling bright and dazzling dark, replete with ineffable perfection.  Wisdom turns the captivity of confusion into the freedom of communion, so that what tears sow in sorrow, wisdom reaps in joy.  Hesychast stillness is founded on the blessing of the unveiled… Read more »

Gospel of the Name.

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Keeping faith with Christ’s Gospel of the Name, desert elders transmitted the wisdom of glory in hidden caves and forgotten mountain sanctuaries so that mysteries of glory were never profaned.  When Rome adopted the Gospel as the official religion of the Empire, persecutions ceased but new trials put confessors to the test, temptations that subjected glory to vainglory and gave… Read more »