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Mystical Theology

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The union of wisdom and glory, awareness and presence, unveils the dazzling darkness of the Name and illumines mystical theology from within. The wisdom praxis of turning is one with wise theoria, enlightened seeing, and this practice of turned vision in God is a union of wisdom and glory, mystical theology.  As the ground of all that is arising, ‘I AM’ is Father… Read more »

Veiled yet unveiled, open but hidden

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Transfiguration unveils the face of Christ, uncreated light and deifying glory, yet veils the revelatory Name from objectifying vanity or dualistic scrutiny.  The countenance of God is unobstructed openness but remains hidden from self-interested reification.  Saint Maximus the Confessor says that on Mount Tabor, the apostles beheld Christ transfigured, who “in appearing conceals himself, in hiding manifests himself,” (Ambigua to John 10).  … Read more »

Beauty and Glory

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Wisdom interprets the beauty of the revelatory Name as glory unveiling God in the midst.  Desert elders impart the injunction to turn and see, opening seeing to timeless union of seer and seen, union of the Son with the Father to which the Spirit bears witness, unveiling Holy Trinity.  This union is the beauty of holiness which sanctifies all who… Read more »