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Quintessential Way of Wisdom

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Christ reveals wisdom’s quintessential way, restoring the eternal life of glory in Aramaic, Syriac Orthodoxy, travelling along the Silk Road from Antioch to Sufiism’s remembrance of God in Asia, from Edessa to wisdom’s radiant, rainbow completeness in Tibet and from Nisibis to wisdom’s hidden Golden Flower of ancient Taoism in China, bearing witness to the Gospel that Mar Thomas planted… Read more »

The Spirit’s witness to Wisdom

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Listening to the Spirit’s witness to wisdom, she reminds us: The Lord of glory was heard to say, ‘Why callest thou me good?  None is good save one, that is, God alone (Luke 18:19).  In a similar way, perhaps, the Lady of glory may be heard to say:  Why do you call me Great Lady, Lady Wisdom, Lady of the Temple, there is… Read more »

Love’s Glory and the Lamb

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Christ’s great high priestly prayer is for the inner circle of his disciples to be kept safe in God’s holy Name, that they may be one with God and one another as he is one with the Father and God’s children in his Name (John 17:11).  Love’s great glory is Christ’s sacrifice of the Cross, the mystery of the Lamb slaughtered from the… Read more »

Martyrdom: Red and White

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The blood of red martyrdom is the life-blood of Holy Orthodoxy, the costly glorification that gives life to the tradition in the light of the Name.  The blood of white martyrdom, on the other hand, is the life-blood of Hesychast solitude, the life of desert silence, the beauty of hidden stillness.  Both martyrdoms bear witness to Christ in the Spirit of the… Read more »

Wisdom’s Eternal Gospel

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Wisdom’s Eternal Gospel reveals that the Holy Name unveils God to the whole of creation, invisible and visible, not just to the human world (Rev 14:6).  For wisdom’s gospel, the invisible creation includes the angelic worlds of bodiless powers who are created in the timeless Logos, just as humanity is, including all beings of awareness and presence.  Angels are created… Read more »

Wisdom Shepherding

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Wisdom shepherds guide hearts because wisdom herself shepherds hearts into illumination with luminous discernment, discerning the grace of Christ’s resurrection and ascension at work in angels and saints, overcoming death by death with deifying glory.  Wisdom liberates seers by purifying hearts, blessing saints in realms of light and glory.  Uncreated light communicates the timeless life of wisdom by illumining hearts with glory,… Read more »

Co-inherence of Wisdom and Glory

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The co-inherence of wisdom and glory hallows saints with unfolding mysteries of union, enfolding them in the Father’s love of the Son, embracing them with the Spirit’s insight into love, praying in them for all, through Christ’s love for all, to the glory of the Father.  A worldly mentality stubbornly contests the wisdom of Christ, which it cannot comprehend, secretly… Read more »

Hesychast Wisdom

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Hesychast wisdom bears witness to the uncreated light of wisdom and glory in the sanctuary of the heart, restoring access to mysteries that have the capacity to renew Holy Orthodoxy in every generation.  Saint Sophrony the Hesychast bore witness to the mystery of the Holy Name, ‘I AM,’ uncovering depths of enlightened first-personhood in the Name, a witness that has been catalytic… Read more »

Sudden Presence

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Sudden presence is Christ’s timeless mystery, piercing through conditioned, temporal progression, uniting the uncreated and the created, time and the timeless, NOW, suddenly, timelessly, immediately.  Christ is this timeless immediacy in the temple of the heart and in the eucharistic mystery of communion, as ecstatic suddenness, exaiphnes, which Saint Denys speaks of in his third epistle, describing it as unknowable and ineffable.  Ecstatic suddenness… Read more »

Rest in Spirit

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When the heart abides in Christ, the mind rests in Spirit, united with the heart, partaking in the Great Peace of the Father.  Rest in Spirit is not soporific passivity but active remembrance of God, partaking in the Spirit’s insight into the union of the Father with the Son.  With Christ’s ascension, the Spirit raises saints on high and deifies them… Read more »