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Mystical Theology

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Mystical Theology, for Hesychast Wisdom, is theological theophany, opening deification, called the angelic estate, to integral wisdom.  The sciences of the soul find their fulfilment in theophany as do the sciences of humanity, because the fulfilment of humankind is cosmic as well as divine-human.  Cosmotheandric theophany is truly integral in its insight into cosmic dimensions of divine-human love, agape, unselfish love that,… Read more »

Healing Remembrance

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The remembrance of God is in the image and likeness of God’s remembrance of God through God, Holy Trinity, securing remembrance from degenerating into obsession with anything other than God.  Remembrance knows God alone is God and there is no other.  When vainglory glorifies empire, race, nation, language or culture instead of God, ethnocentric addictions arise that usurp God, spawning phyletistic heresies that… Read more »

Three States of the Name

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There are three states of the Name which look like stages from a temporal point of view but which are states from the timeless point of view of wisdom and glory.  As stages, purification, illumination and union proceed from purification of the heart to illumination of mind in the heart, which opens to the union and ineffable openness of deification…. Read more »


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The Holy Spirit regenerates saints in Christ, uniting souls with God, singing wisdom songs that listen to the Word of truth.  The realm of prophets, priests and kings descends to earth to nourish thirsty souls, reigning on earth with a sceptre of empowering truth and a crown of deifying glory.  Regeneration makes all things new with the blessing of completeness, ascending… Read more »

Ineffable Completeness

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God unveils ineffable completeness through Christ in the Spirit, embracing temporal incompleteness with the glory of timeless completeness.  If Holy Trinity is ineffable completeness, from whence came the fall?   Was the original sin God’s fall from completeness into incompleteness, evil, suffering and death, as Ivan Ilyin taught?   Or was the original fall from glory the fall of angels and… Read more »

Threefold and Twofold Co-inherence

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The Threefold Co-inherence of the Triune Godhead is not confused with Christophanic Co-inherence, which is the divine-human co-inherence of Christ’s deiform Personhood, but the love they both inspire beholds both interpenetrate within coalescing Co-inherence.  Love is not ignited by abstractions but by love, earthly loves and the Spirit’s love of the Son, the Son’s love of the Father and their fierce and gentle love shared… Read more »

Song of the Name

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I am ‘I AM,’ the Name sings, singing the Song of one awareness ever-present, one presence ever-aware.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other, uncreated light singing of uncreated glory, free of confusion and division and the conditioning that confuses and divides.  The Name sings: I have never not been aware and present, just as I… Read more »

Archangels Gabriel, Oriel, Phanuel and Raphael

The heavenly twin can manifest in many mysterious ways, but as angel of revelation and wisdom, the twin loves to unveil the angel of the Name, Shemuel, with whom four  archangels love to bear witness to the Name, Gabriel, angel of revelation, Oriel, angel of uncreated light and illumination, Phanuel, angel of the unveiled Face of uncreated Presence and revelatory Personhood,… Read more »

Wisdom: Uncreated creative creativity

Wisdom is uncreated  and her uncreated creativity is the creative energy that creates and recreates creation anew in every moment, making all things new.  Biblical and Patristic wisdom teaches that wisdom beholds the glory of uncreated grace, being herself, like glory, uncreated energy, endlessly creative in her uncreated creativity.  So it should be no surprise that when, in 1922, a wisdom… Read more »

Name and Face

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The way of the Name is the way of the unveiled Face, ever-moving, ever still.  The Spirit is everywhere present without departing from Christ’s union with the Father for a moment.  Wisdom serenely abides in the glory of the Name without separating from Christ or wavering from his union with the Father.  The Spirit of wise awareness does not flit around like… Read more »