Threefold and Twofold Co-inherence

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The Threefold Co-inherence of the Triune Godhead is not confused with Christophanic Co-inherence, which is the divine-human co-inherence of Christ’s deiform Personhood, but the love they both inspire beholds both interpenetrate within coalescing Co-inherence.  Love is not ignited by abstractions but by love, earthly loves and the Spirit’s love of the Son, the Son’s love of the Father and their fierce and gentle love shared with all.   The Spirit’s love of the Son is a co-inherent love of the divine Word in his harmonious humanity, love that beholds and is beheld in his co-inherence in the Trifold mystery, love’s integral Oneness unveiled in threefold difference.  Impossible to calculate conceptually, this love knows as it is known, loves as it is loved.  Seeing as it is seen in twofold and threefold ways, it welcomes wonder’s interfusing wisdom, awakening love through the Name.  Love discerns manifold harmony at the heart of the heavenly dance of Great Peace.  The Name reveals God, in whom Cherubic union communicates Seraphic communion, both invisible to sense perception, but abiding as enlightening glory in wisdom’s hidden stillness.

Threefold co-inherence is communicated in Christ, through whose twofold co-inherence all the mysteries of glory are unveiled.  Invisible, until seen when seeing sees, mysteries of wisdom encircle Triune Co-inherences like Holy Gravity.  Seers used to see hosts of angels until eventually observers saw constellations of stars, then galaxies of countless suns, without remembering the older wisdom of love or the language of prophecy, awakening prayer.  Glorified seers, remembering both, discern their different languages co-inhere, as they dance with angels and saints, recalling the timeless embrace of Cherubic seers and Seraphic lovers with hosts of stars and galaxies of suns, the dance of modern gravity co-inhering with the older dance of love.  Love embraces lover and beloved in the co-inherence of God, Lover and Beloved, conjugal completeness discerned in every perception, love’s joy enjoyed with every embrace, blessing blessed with bliss in every presence.  Harmonious blessing completes manifold incompleteness with Great Peace, ineffably evident, hidden but known.

Two-fold co-inherence does not rival Thrice-Holy Completeness, because it bears witness to it with every breath, anointed by it with her Chrism, anointing him for burial, exploding into unexpected resurrection.  Hidden in him, she gathered them, reluctantly recognised by her brethren, who in patriarchal ages saw Popes or Patriarchs, so in the main refused to dance her dance of ineffable love.  Wisdom discerned the glory of her unceasing love, her Cherubic gaze and Seraphic kiss, her embrace of love by love, through love, the threefold co-inherence of her twofold embrace.  He in her, her in him, danced the dance of paradise, embracing heaven and earth, wisdom’s glory and glory’s wisdom, hidden in a cloud of unknowing, concealed in the Holy of Holies.  When spiralling stars and galaxies of dancing suns remembered they were angelic hosts, they became, once again, resplendent images of YHWH SABAOTH in constellated choirs, chanting: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’ without end.  Glorification is still wise stillness when conceptualisation fails or falls silent, a whispering Name wooing bewildered silence, singing wisdom odes, wisdom’s songs of love’s exuberant joy.