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Zeal of the Name

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God is zealous that his wisdom shall be known, turning hearts that they shall see, illumining minds in hearts that they may be glorified, yet infinitely patient with his ever-kindly mercy.  The rigour of his zeal and the kindness of his mercy subsist in paradoxical balance in the union of wisdom and glory in the Name, sometimes fierce and sometimes gentle,… Read more »

Gardens of Paradise

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Holy is the Name that opens gardens of paradise, revealing God present in the midst, unveiling the way of peace to sinners, through Apostles and Prophets, unveiling saints. Holy is the way of the Name that quenches thirst for heaven on earth, emptying vanity from vainglory, revealing pure glory, bearing fruits of light in shimmering radiance. Holy is the light… Read more »

Crown of Grace

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A crown of grace enthrones saints with glory, sealing hallowed hearts in the hidden heart of God, awakening wisdom in uncreated glory, wedding crown and throne. Living waters of holy wisdom baptise the faithful in uncreated light, deifying them in uncreated glory, transfiguring awareness in wisdom and presence in glory. Wisdom stands steadfast, hearing the Holy Gospel, not only in… Read more »

Way of Light

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The way of light is a chariot throne of dynamic glory soaring over chasms of chaos, opening them into havens of pure peace. The yoke of light unites heaven and earth, transmuting poisons of death into medicines of eternal life, healing those who suffer. Crowns of light encircle the mind in the heart, enlightening seers and enthroning saints in glory,… Read more »

Active Receptivity

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Active receptivity unites receptivity with the activity of remembrance of God, reflecting the divine-human mysteries of Christ, who is receptively active in his active receptivity. Taught by the Spirit, peace is conveyed on earth as in heaven, uniting active with receptive remembrance. Deep beneath the troubled surfaces of worldly concerns, active receptivity endures in the cave of the heart, uniting uncreated… Read more »

Blessed Mourning

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The Spirit comforts those who mourn: the Paraclete blesses the poor in spirit with the Kingdom of heaven.  The lamentation of heart-rending mourning opens heavenly realms, rendering grace on earth in exchange for unmitigated suffering.  The Spirit of truth comforts all who mourn, reaching down through suffering to the ultimate ground of blessed joy. Joy does not stifle heart-rending mourning, but opens… Read more »

Pierced by glory

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Pierced by glory, the heart awakens to wisdom, transfixed by uncreated energy, transforming conflicting affliction into peaceful communion.  The heart bleeds, but distraction turns into interaction, beholding God’s glory on earth as in heaven. Pierced by wisdom, the heart is purified and illumined, deified by mysteries of timeless glory.  Temporal awareness thinks the Jesus Prayer is vain repetition, invoking God in… Read more »


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Stillness abides in uncreated light, revealing glory to wisdom, knowing God as God knows God, transcending worldly knowledge.  Stillness awakens the inmost heart where God dwells, revealing glory to wisdom, uniting awareness with presence through the Holy Name of God.  Hesychast tradition bears witness to the divine presence, partaking in the timeless life of heaven, which is God’s eternal life in heavenly… Read more »

Beloved Disciple

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The Beloved Disciple communicates love, having first been loved, which is why love became the overarching theme of the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of John and the Book of Revelation.  Forty-two Odes of love were the Church’s first Hymn Book from the circle of the Beloved Disciple, lost for many centuries but found again by the Quaker scholar, James… Read more »

Axis of Turning

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The axis of pure turning is the heart in which everything turns round at centre, everything is decisively immersed in uncreated light, revealing deifying glory.  When the heart turns, heaven turns, earth into heaven, heaven into earth, revealing glory at centre through wisdom.  Active and receptive energies conjoin in the heart, dissolving delusion, undoing division.  Dispersing doubt, clarifying confusion, fear’s reign of… Read more »