Crown of Grace

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A crown of grace enthrones saints with glory, sealing hallowed hearts in the hidden heart of God, awakening wisdom in uncreated glory, wedding crown and throne.

Living waters of holy wisdom baptise the faithful in uncreated light, deifying them in uncreated glory, transfiguring awareness in wisdom and presence in glory.

Wisdom stands steadfast, hearing the Holy Gospel, not only in the Liturgy but as way of life, remembering God through God, in God the Holy Spirit, discerning Holy Trinity.

Wisdom restores glory to the Father through Christ in the Spirit, discerning the crown with wisdom and the throne with glory, activating glorification.

Sealed by hiddenness, revealed in openness, wisdom unseals the secret of the Name without violation, enclosing holy hiddenness in ineffable mystery. 

The saving Name is God’s incorruptible mystery, revealing Holy Trinity, sowing incorruption amidst corruption so as to overcome corruption with incorruption.

Great Peace lies hidden in the Name, waiting to be loved and known, crowning with wisdom and enthroning with glory, uniting mind and heart in Covenant Grace.