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Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom liberates the uncreated energies of glory with freedom, hallowing the Name with every breath, inspiring every action and reaction with unrestricted freedom.  Stillness permeates inspired action because in glorification, it is the Spirit who is truly active, deifying the body whose actions do not then merely react with material conditioning.  Wisdom is unfettered and free of confusion, undivided by worldly… Read more »

Simple Wisdom

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There is no confusion for simple wisdom, no division for wholesome glorification. Wisdom is simple in the midst of purified awareness, indivisible at the heart of enlightening presence.  Obscuration dissolves when awareness turns, because obstructions are extinguished by the surrounding flame of the paradise Name. Wherever awareness turns, wisdom sees a heavenly earth wedded to an earthly heaven.  Heaven regenerates… Read more »

Giver of Life

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The Holy Spirit is the giver of life, unveiling eternal life in Christ to the glory of the Father, communicating deifying life without confusing the uncreated with the created or dividing their holy union from the communion of saints.  The Spirit is holy because it grants eternal life to those who turn and see the glory of God, unveiling liberating release… Read more »

Cradle to Grave

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From cradle to grave, the Name sustains us with ever-present awareness in which we live, move and have our being, but when we seize the glory for ourselves, we fall from glory, so vainglory sets in, depriving us of the union that grace unveils as communion. Deadly confusion divides us from God until the heart awakens from delusion, taught by wisdom to turn… Read more »

Heart of Awareness

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The heart is purified by turning the light of awareness round to remember God, stepping back to recognise God in the midst.  The remembrance of God opens the eye of the heart to God’s own vision of God through God, restoring the heart to the uncreated light of hallowing wisdom.  Wisdom unites the mind with the heart in primordial, pristine awareness, liberating… Read more »

Song of a Guardian Angel

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I am a guardian angel singing my Song, hallowing God’s Name at the heart of awareness, hallowing God’s saints at the heart of his presence.  I am witness to his ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence as your guardian angel, singing a Song of deifying Oneness in the heart of God.  You are usually too busy to listen, but my Song… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The Name crowns saints by awakening the eye of the heart, enthroning the glorified heart in the temple of uncreated glory.  Glory crowns saints with God’s Name, fulfilling the mysteries of the temple throne and crown that realise God through recognition and remembrance.  Christ, the Great High Priest, enthrones and crowns his own with the truth of his Name, grafting his own… Read more »

Remembrance of God

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Shemuel, the angel of the Name, Shem, is not saying: ‘Look at me,’ but ‘Remember God.’  All archangels and angels agree with him, saying, ‘Do not fixate on us, but remember God, for the remembrance of God is holy and hallows all that there is.’  Shemuel’s love of the Holy Name unveils this love to be loving remembrance of God in his Holy… Read more »

Honeycomb, Fish and Stag

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In his Life of Saint David, written in the late eleventh century, Rhygyfarch drew on older traditions that spoke of three ancient Shamanic symbols in connection with Saint David of Wales, (who is remembered today, March 1st,) namely, the honeycomb, the fish and the stag (Life of Saint David Chapter 1). For Saint David and his monks, the honeycomb was the ancient… Read more »