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Way, Truth and Life of Glory.

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Christ bears witness to the Father in the Holy Spirit, as way, as truth and as life (John 14:6).  There is no division concealed here, nothing satan can control to separate us from God.  God the Holy Trinity is sound through and through, curing separation, healing division. The way of the Name is therefore true right through, sound from beginning… Read more »

Glory to Thee

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Glory transfigures anger into peace, fear into love, confusion into union, division into communion.  Whatever arises, glorification of God and glorification by God turn it round, enlightening it with uncreated light, deifying it with uncreated glory.  The simple doxology, ‘Glory to Thee,’ turns everything round, enlightening it with uncreated light, restoring it to uncreated glory in the timeless reign of… Read more »

Reciprocal Glorification

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The hour of glory dawns when the Son prays that the Father may glorify the Son that the Son may glorify the Father (John 17: 1).  Eternal life is knowledge of God, not natural immortality, granting reciprocal glorification by grace to saints, through Christ, in the Holy Spirit.   Revelation of the Name is revelation of God the Holy Trinity, not… Read more »

Timeless Glory

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Timeless glory embraces saints by grace, embracing sinners to transform them into saints, awakening contemplative seers to timeless life.  Temporal awareness displaces glory into the distant past or into a distant future, whereas timeless glory is actually always present, eternally NOW or never, cutting through temporal duration or leaping over temporal determination like a mountain.  The Spirit of truth and the… Read more »

Ecstatic Self-Emptying

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Ecstatic self-emptying is mutually reciprocal: when we give ourselves to God with ecstatic self-emptying, God reciprocates, giving us himself with ecstatic self-emptying. Indeed, divine-human reciprocity, initiated by God, actually means our self-emptying is in response to God’s, whose grace is asymmetrically prior.  Our lives are first divine, then humanly divine, communicating incorruptible completeness.  The wisdom of the Father is revealed by… Read more »

Training in Love

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Orthodox asceticism is training in unselfish love, turning the light of awareness round into uncreated light, seeing God with the single eye of the awakened heart, glorifying God with the deifying glory of hallowing glorification.  Metanoia turns the mind back into the heart where love dwells in God, enabling seers to see God’s love with God’s eye of wisdom, theoria, opening… Read more »

Persecution of the Name

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Persecution of the Name is rife in an age of nihilism, although the Name extinguishes fear and hallows the persecuted.  Elders take heart when the Name is hallowed, enthroning saints in glory, crowning them with wisdom.  The Name searches minds and hearts, revealing grace from beginning to end and from first to last.   Suffering for God’s Name is often excruciating, severing… Read more »

Way of Truth and Life

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The way of truth is eternal life for seers who see as they are seen, know as they are known, glorified by God through God in God, Holy Trinity revealing wisdom and the way of wisdom, wisdom’s truth and life:  glorification.   But the way was lost among those who read down wisdom to ways and means to acquire it, distancing union and… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The eye of the heart is fundamental, giving Holy Orthodoxy its cutting edge.  Crowning with uncreated light and enthroning in uncreated glory sustain the awakened heart with the wisdom of the Cross, cutting through endless defilements with the flame of the revelatory Name.  Christ does not let things degenerate but opens them to heavenly wisdom again and again, unveiling ineffable glory… Read more »