Glory to Thee

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Glory transfigures anger into peace, fear into love, confusion into union, division into communion.  Whatever arises, glorification of God and glorification by God turn it round, enlightening it with uncreated light, deifying it with uncreated glory.  The simple doxology, ‘Glory to Thee,’ turns everything round, enlightening it with uncreated light, restoring it to uncreated glory in the timeless reign of God.

The Spirit seals her hidden wisdom in silence until joy breaks through endless chatter with speechless clarity.  Glory knows as He is known, sees as She is seen, opening chasms of turgid emotion to uncreated clarity.  Wisdom hallows the Name whose reign fills heavenly realms with glory, transforming whatever passions may arise.  ‘Glory to Thee,’ is like a priceless elixir that cures every malady even before ever it arises.

Glory lives the undying life of God, which is older than memory, though younger than thought. To give God glory is to annihilate the ruling powers of this world, just as to give God thanks is to extinguish the power of ungrateful demons.  To hallow God’s Name is to fulfil his will on earth as it is fulfilled by angels in heaven.  The formulas may change but not the power of the glory, which reigns in heaven where God dwells, hallowing the Name in Great Peace.