Great Peace

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                                          Taught by the Name,  Great Peace reigns.

Frank Lake’s personal paternal legacy 1914-1982 was confirmed by Sylvia M Lake 1917-2006:  “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord and Great shall be the Peace of thy children.”       Isaiah 54:13 & John 6:45.

The Holy Spirit confirms this personal legacy when with Holy Chrism, the Spirit reveals our heavenly Father’s all-embracing love, through Jesus Christ our Lord, his only-begotten Son.     1 John 2:27

Disciples of the Holy Name, taught directly by the Prince of Peace, bear witness to the Great Peace.     Isaiah 9:6, 54:13, Exodus 3:14.

                                                                    HALLELU YAH!

Feast of Holy King David, Prophet & Psalmist.         Sunday December 31st 2023