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Way of the Name

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Christ’s way of the Name is ineffable, transcending all names and ways that are means to an end, liberating temporal incompleteness into timeless completeness.  The Spirit communicates the mysteries of Christ as quintessential truth, imparting glorification as wisdom’s timeless way of life.  Dazzling darkness opens heaven on earth, piercing the heart, communicating the incommunicable, revealing what was veiled without destroying the… Read more »

Reifications of Wisdom

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Wisdom releases her reifications by liberating the intelligence, the will and the emotions to abide in the timeless freedom of God’s presence.  Hells of separation are freed in union with heavens of infinite grace.  Extinguishing deception, delusion is extinguished by the Spirit of truth, freeing all things in uncreated light, transfiguring all things in uncreated glory.  Hearts are freed in… Read more »

Wisdom makes all things new

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Wisdom makes all things new, always beginning again anew; indeed, the glory of wisdom’s grace is always doing something new, beginning anew, trustworthy and true, creating new heavens and a new earth (Rev 21:5; Isaiah 43:19 & 66:17).  This is who Christ is, wisdom renewing creation in glory, sending the Spirit to impart wisdom, restoring the abundant completeness of ineffable… Read more »

Incarnation: Deification

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Patristic Orthodoxy centres on Christ’s divine humanity as the living heart of human redemption and deification.  Saints Irenaeus, Athanasius, Gregory Nazianzus and Gregory Nyssa all bear witness that God became human so that humanity may be deified.  For Patristic wisdom, Christ’s birth, life, transmission of gospel wisdom, death, resurrection, ascension and glorification, together save and deify humanity, not the Cross of… Read more »

Uncreated Light

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Uncreated light is not like created lights that come and go, nor is it the product of conditioned ways and means, but like uncreated grace, enlightens all who turn and see God’s uncreated presence in the midst.  Uncreated awareness shines with the uncreated light of uncreated presence, beyond conditioned thoughts and oblivious perception, quieting compulsive agitation in pure stillness.  Inherently ineffable,… Read more »