Decisive Glorification

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The decisive experience of glorification shatters the divisive dualisms of cause and effect, effort and achievement, opening prevenient grace to unwavering glory.  The experience of glorification is inconceivable to those who do not know wisdom, so remains hidden until, by grace, glory breaks through and God’s way of glorifying God is revealed.  Uncreated light purifies and enlightens the heart so that uncreated glory weds wisdom in its hallowing holiness, awakening the Spirit’s intuitive insight into the dynamic energies of God’s reign of glory.  Grace releases the body of mortality as it reveals the body of immortality, initiating union with the timeless body of glory among saints.  Realms of glory are spontaneously present in the Spirit who opens the eye of the heart to their unfolding presence.  Revelatory wisdom opens the heart to heavenly realms that would otherwise be hidden to the dualistic mind.  Old impediments dissolve as grace initiates rebirth in the Spirit, blowing where he wills, without obsessing with cause or effect.  Confusion cannot entertain this because confusion resists communion, but there is no separation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who know God as God knows them, full of grace and truth.

Glorification is decisive because it is God glorifying God who glorifies the saints, not those who cling to their self-obsessions in controlling, self-interested ways.  Because it is God who liberates, not them, it is not their efforts that release them but God whose grace is sufficient to save them all.  Those who continue to be addicted to conditioning ways and temporal means, inevitably fall short of the timeless glory of unconditioned grace, because for them separation is decisive.  Spheres of timeless glory turn everything round, giving hope precedence over fear, releasing hope from fear by opening hope to the timeless quintessence of its spontaneous presence.  Spheres of expansive completeness undo fear’s compulsive addiction to incompleteness by awakening it to glory’s timeless completeness, whereas confusion wanders among endless, temporal delusions, without discovering a way out.  Confusion does not even arise for the Spirit that discerns the union of the Father and the Son, because their communion decisively dissolves confusion in their midst.  The awakened heart does not, therefore, wander in clouds of confusion but awakens to the clarity of hallowing communion.

Glorification is dynamic in its decisive capacity to awaken awareness to the hallowing mysteries of glory.  There is no way confusion can intrude when communion is present and aware, so neither renunciation, nor achievement, continue to dominate as they used to do.  The lucid clarity and limpid purity of grace can be relied upon by those who abide in glory.  Both primordial and eschatological enlightenment conjoin, when timeless glorification unveils its expansive presence.  Saints who participate in the mysteries of glorification do not meddle with grace, but release the anxiety that interferes with God’s glorification of God, the glorification that also glorifies God’s saints.  It is wisdom’s insight into glory that releases old fixations that obstruct grace, fixations that get stuck in incompleteness, shattering completeness.  The uncreated openness of grace relaxes these fixations, no matter what arises.  Reifications collapse because they have no real substance, dissolving the tenacious traps of wishful thinking and ambitious planning.   Glorification radiantly leaps over fixating entanglements and cuts through addictive obstructions, opening wisdom to decisive glorification without end.  Glorification remains decisive because glory is timeless in its liberating grace and generous blessing, freely given and freely received, freeing wisdom to embrace glory in timeless completeness.