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Love of enemies

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Saint Silouan the Athonite bears witness to love of enemies as the spiritual criterion of true Orthodox Christian Tradition.  Whenever political enmity threatens to divide the Orthodox Church, the mystery of Pentecost speaks to her condition, revealing how love of enemies acknowledges the many warring tongues even as it bears witness to the one Spirit, the one flame of fire… Read more »

Glorification: Revelation of Holy Trinity

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The experience of glorification is the revelation of God through God in God, illumining the heart with the uncreated light of the Holy Trinity.  It is not some sort of spiritual inflation but rather hallowing simplicity that humbles and purifies the heart.   Revelation of God is through God and unveils God in God when the Holy Spirit awakens the eye of the heart, curing… Read more »

Union of mind and heart.

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The union of mind and heart is not a clever technique but the Spirit’s gift of awakening to the union of the Son with the Father, the Name’s mystery unveiled from God, through God in God.  It is the uncreated grace of the Holy Trinity awakening the heart to the union of uncreated awareness and divine presence, God’s ‘I’ and… Read more »