Ecstatic Joy

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When awareness unites with presence, ecstatic joy blesses wisdom’s communion with glory on the inside of the Holy of Holies.  This is the wondrous opening of the eye of wisdom in the heart.  Elders point directly to the eye of wisdom, cutting straight through to enlightenment in uncreated light.  Wonder steps back into the translucent clarity of wisdom, emptying awareness… Read more »

Radical Ineffability

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The radical ineffability of Orthodox Hesychast wisdom is indefinable, endlessly transcending ecclesiastical and theological sectarianism.  This transcendence is not understood by those who condemn wisdom as heretical.   They think they know what wisdom is and condemn it as Gnosticism, or Montanism, if they are referring to wisdom’s prophecy, or Messalianism, if they are condemning wisdom’s prayer. Hesychast saints remain silent,… Read more »

God’s Reign of glory

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Wisdom cuts through prevarication and removes mountains of resistance, revealing God’s reign of glory with every turn. The saving function of the Name is to reveal God in all dimensions and in all ages without ceasing to unveil glory to wisdom in the timeless presence of the present.  Nothing interrupts glory when wisdom is awake because wisdom is ageless and easily encompasses many… Read more »

Prophecy and Prayer

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Prophecy reveals timeless well-being overflowing amidst the living heart of prayer, bearing witness to the Gospel of infinite grace in every situation.  Prayer is in love with prophecy and prophecy with prayer, concealed in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies.  Wisdom’s conjugal union with glory regenerates the Hesychast Tradition in the holiest of holy sanctuaries, awakening the heart as… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The eye of the heart is fundamental, giving Holy Orthodoxy its cutting edge.  Crowning with uncreated light and enthroning in uncreated glory sustain the awakened heart with the wisdom of the Cross, cutting through endless defilements with the flame of the revelatory Name.  Christ does not let things degenerate but opens them to heavenly wisdom again and again, unveiling ineffable glory… Read more »

Praxis of Theoria

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The praxis of theoria is the practice of contemplative wisdom that sustains the vision of God in Holy Trinity, standing back from fixated conceptions and conventions.  The Spirit blows where it wills, inspiring the practice of wisdom that nourishes the remembrance of God.  The eye of wisdom penetrates through obscurities, leaping right over mountains of resistance, leaving no trace of… Read more »

Uncreated Wisdom

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Uncreated wisdom embraces countless created dimensions without fixating on any of them, for creation is grounded in the uncreated, one spirit with uncreated light, opening wisdom to ineffable infinity.  There is no fluctuation in uncreated wisdom, no wavering of uncreated glory, for wisdom stands steadfast, communicating the glory of ineffable completeness.  Christ opens the eye of the heart to the… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth is Truth, not our conceptual perception of something true, so if we remain attached to perception, what we have is perception, not Truth, nor the Spirit of Truth.  Awakening to the Spirit of Truth transcends perception but includes intuitive apperception which wisdom infuses in the Spirit.  Truth is not something or nothing, nor is it exhausted… Read more »

Into Thy Hands

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Into thy hands I commend my spirit, into thy Spirit I release my life, into thy presence I release my awareness, into thy Name I fly with angel’s wings, joining winged awareness with humble trust.  For it is thou who art my life, here on earth, rejoining grace with heavenly glory, ceasing to cling to thy signs and symbols, but… Read more »

Hypostatic Co-inherence

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Wisdom has many modes of union in the Name, each integrating different divine names in many different ways, ensuring communion in the Holy Spirit includes an infinite variety of ways union sustains communion with the ineffable oneness of God. Indivisible yet differentiated, communion remains without confusion, revealing the infinitely different ways saints bear witness to holy communion in the Name.  There… Read more »