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Gardens of Paradise

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Holy is the Name that opens gardens of paradise, revealing God present in the midst, unveiling the way of peace to sinners, through Apostles and Prophets, unveiling saints. Holy is the way of the Name that quenches thirst for heaven on earth, emptying vanity from vainglory, revealing pure glory, bearing fruits of light in shimmering radiance. Holy is the light… Read more »

Wings of the Spirit

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The Spirit’s wings guard the heart, outstretched by the sign of the Cross, extended to embrace the whole world, expanding to the depths of hell.  Wisdom trusts the Cross to illumine the mind in the heart, deifying saints in the glory of the Holy Name of God. Winged trust rises above abysmal depths of despair, enabling the heart to soar over… Read more »

Crown of Grace

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A crown of grace enthrones saints with glory, sealing hallowed hearts in the hidden heart of God, awakening wisdom in uncreated glory, wedding crown and throne. Living waters of holy wisdom baptise the faithful in uncreated light, deifying them in uncreated glory, transfiguring awareness in wisdom and presence in glory. Wisdom stands steadfast, hearing the Holy Gospel, not only in… Read more »

Dazzling Darkness

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Dazzling darkness is wisdom’s light, revealing the mystery of the Name, opening Holy Trinity as oneness and thrice-holy personhood.  Oneness reveals the theophany of union whilst Openness reveals the mystery of completeness. Darkness is not dim lack but dazzling light, infinitely transcending created light, transfiguring creation with uncreated glory.  Theophany opens the Name to deifying Oneness, then to ineffable Openness,… Read more »

Firing the Pearl

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Firing the priceless pearl reverses the fall so that the tentacles of satanic inversion release and infernal chains fall away.  Holy firing is essential to the cultivation of wisdom, therefore crucial for the practice of glorification. Metanoia turns awareness round to see God in the midst, whilst theoria sees God as God sees God, awakening to Holy Trinity.   Firing the… Read more »

Golden Flame

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The purest golden flame breathes ineffably in the awakened heart, consuming confusion, disolving division, enlightening tongues of fire whenever the mind descends into the awakened heart. The purest of glory descends from heaven to conjoin with ascending light in the Bridal Chamber of the heart, where Love’s Song of Songs sings wisdom songs in the stillness of the night of faith. The Name’s golden… Read more »

Yoke of Love

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Wisdom’s yoke of holy love crucifies division to resurrect union on earth as in heaven, hallowing all who trust in God’s Holy Name.  Nothing can sever this holy yoke because nothing can quench holy love, which together inspire prophecy, renewing prayer. Wisdom’s yoke descends to hell by unbinding infernal perversions, liberating reversions that ascend to heaven, conjoining heaven and earth… Read more »

Purity of Heart

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Purity of heart cuts through divisive dualisms by restoring the divine oneness of heaven on earth, opening God’s reign of glory in the infernal depths of satanic domains of fear and death. The revelation of grace is wisdom’s secret, key to all mysteries of glory, hallowing God’s Name on earth as angels hallow his Holy Name in heaven, restoring on… Read more »

Breath by Breath

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The Holy Spirit sustains us breath by breath, divine life renewing life with life, revealing love through love, with love’s inexhaustible glory. The presence of God infuses us with deifying presence in the Name, inhaled by glory as glory is exhaled as the inexhaustible glory of the Holy Name. Oneness of God transfigures everything, encompassing all in all with ineffable… Read more »