Firing the Pearl

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Firing the priceless pearl reverses the fall so that the tentacles of satanic inversion release and infernal chains fall away.  Holy firing is essential to the cultivation of wisdom, therefore crucial for the practice of glorification.

Metanoia turns awareness round to see God in the midst, whilst theoria sees God as God sees God, awakening to Holy Trinity.   Firing the pearl is the holy work of turning and seeing, awakening wisdom for the practice of glorification.

Once metanoia turns, everything is turned, reversing the inversions of the fall.  The practice of glorification extracts vanity from vainglory, extinguishing confusion and division, empowering glory to restore all glory to God.

The priceless pearl purifies the heart by revealing the uncreated light of glory, consuming confusion by dissolving division, deifying everything in the healing wholeness of God. The pearl transforms creation by subsuming agitation into stillness.

Shallow turning deepens as seeing completes incompleteness in the cauldron of sacred alchemy, eventually witnessing completeness heal division by resolving confusion, completing the firing of the pearl by resting in Great Completeness.

Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist