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Chariot Thrones

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I am the glory of grace upholding you like a chariot throne, the light of glory illumining you like dazzling wings.  I am your recreation, empowering  your spiritual purification and illumination, sustaining the glory of your deification.  I carry you over hell’s abyss into the safe havens of heaven, winged like a chariot throne, sustained like a victorious, angelic host, sure in your… Read more »

Temple of the Heart

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I am present in my Name, regenerating the temple of the heart, renewing creation from the throne of uncreated grace.  I am enthroned between the Cherubic seers, whose knowing is God’s knowledge of God, generating wisdom’s love of glory in the Holy of Holies.  I am wisdom embracing glory, regenerating the spiritual rebirth of saints in the reign of timeless grace…. Read more »

Incarnation and Deification

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Desert Hesychasm is called out from regulated convention into deification, which lives the mysteries of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ as direct revelation.   Christ restores seers to union with the Father in the Holy Spirit, incorporating saints into his incarnation, death and resurrection by grace, grace which is a charism of both speech and silence.  Prophecy is poetic… Read more »

Song of a Guardian Angel

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I am a guardian angel singing my Song, hallowing God’s Name at the heart of awareness, hallowing God’s saints at the heart of his presence.  I am witness to his ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence as your guardian angel, singing a Song of deifying Oneness in the heart of God.  You are usually too busy to listen, but my Song… Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom, in angels and saints, is the love-child of wisdom and the Name, born of glory, unveiling the Name in uncreated light, glorifying the Name in uncreated glory. Love of wisdom is the angelic response to wisdom’s first love, inspiring saints to fall in love with wisdom’s beauty, loving wisdom’s glory to their life’s end.  This ‘philosophy’ that inspires… Read more »

Twinned Angel of the Name

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The angel of the Name bears witness to the revelation of the Name in the heart, keeping safe the myatery of Name-hallowing until such time as the heart turns to see.  Deification by grace includes this awakening to the witnessing heavenly twin, the angel of realisation, who is the prophet of our glorification.   Orthodox Hesychasm fully acknowledges theosis to be… Read more »

Gospel of the Name.

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Keeping faith with Christ’s Gospel of the Name, desert elders transmitted the wisdom of glory in hidden caves and forgotten mountain sanctuaries so that mysteries of glory were never profaned.  When Rome adopted the Gospel as the official religion of the Empire, persecutions ceased but new trials put confessors to the test, temptations that subjected glory to vainglory and gave… Read more »

Legacy of Saint Sophrony: a Gospel of Name and Glory

The spiritual legacy of Saint Sophrony the Hesychast has great potential and generous capacity because it is founded on the grace of the Holy Name, together with its Gospel of revelatory Glory.  The ‘I AM’ theophanies of the Name in the Gospel of John and the Apocalypse were decisive for Saint Sophrony, inspiring his vision of Holy Orthodoxy in ways… Read more »

Name of Glory

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Blessed is the Holy Name of glory that unveils God in the midst, purifying and illumining the heart, uncovering hidden heavens of uncreated wisdom, restoring the glory that underlies all worlds.  The Father of glory grounds us in Christ through revelation of his Name, sharing the luminous mysteries of his ineffable grace, whose glory generously deifies us with profound insight… Read more »

Eye of the Throne: Glory of the Crown

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The eye of the throne is the eye of the heart, beholding the glory of the crown in the communion of saints.  On turning, the eye of the heart turns to see the glory that enthrones the saints, awakening to the wisdom that crowns saints with the sevenfold completeness of glory.  Infused wisdom, like a two edged sword, reveals the… Read more »