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Thrice Holy Turning

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When awareness turns, awareness becomes aware of awareness, but does not yet know love of knower as love known.   Turning is not yet illumination and so does not yet awaken to the uncreated light of love.  When love dawns, the uncreated light of love turns illumination round, which in turn is not yet glorification, because light is not yet… Read more »

Glory of Love

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The glory of love may first be unveiled in a human salutation of love, as in the love of Beatrice for Dante, then in wisdom’s love of both that unveils human loves as icons of divine love.  The way of glorification is the revelation of the glory of love, arising when illumination purifies love at the heart of the mysteries of glory…. Read more »

Knowing fully Known

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Wisdom knows as she is known, no longer as in a mirror, indirectly, but directly, as the unveiled face of wisdom to the unveiled face of glory (1Cor 13:12).  Between knowing and unknowing, wisdom comes to meet us, knowing as she is known, gently weening us from thinking we know what we know, initiating unknowing that knows we only know as we… Read more »

Mercy and Peace

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Wisdom discerns the union of mercy and peace in the light of wisdom and glory.  The mercy of ineffable openness and the peace of spontaneous presence both bear witness to indivisible oneness.  The full spectrum of divine names and qualities is manifest in the revelation of glory, which is the revelation of the completeness of peace in the temporal mercy… Read more »

Hallowing the Name

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When God’s Name is truly hallowed, as in an attentive praying of the Lord’s Prayer, the Kingdom comes, but confusion between ‘I AM’ and ‘me’ must first be emptied out, so that the glory of the Name, uncreated awareness and uncreated presence, is truly restored to God.  Hallowing the Name undoes division between the uncreated and the created by dissolving the underlying… Read more »

Face of the Deep

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Before there was light, darkness was upon the Face of the Deep, but the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, so the formless void had a Face (Gen 1:2).  The Face of the Spirit manifests in uncreated energy, before created energy transmutes into created matter, which is the material creation.  The revelation of uncreated light above the… Read more »

Rest in Peace

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Rest in peace usually refers to life after death but stillness, hesychia, even now rests in peace in the midst of life, transfusing it with the undying, resurrecting energy of uncreated grace.  The Spirit rests in peace in the Son, who rests in peace in the Father, revealing that rest in peace is the uncreated light and glory of the Holy Trinity, purifying,… Read more »

Heart of Christ

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The consummation of Biblical prophecy in the Book of Revelation embraces the death, resurrection and ascension of the slaughtered Lamb at the heart of his glorifying union with the Father, putting to death, in the heart of Christ, the universal fall from grace.  Raising souls from death to eternal life in the resurrecting heart of Christ, saints are deified in the… Read more »


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Holy Orthodoxy bears witness to right-glorification, but ‘philodoxy,’ love of glory, is rarely mentioned, because although vainglory, kenodoxy, loves glory, it does so in self-centred ways, whereas it is wisdom who loves glory in sound and wholesome ways.  Since love of glory is wisdom’s ultimate concern, ‘philodoxy’ does not only mean love of one’s own opinions but wisdom’s love of glory… Read more »

Grace and Glory

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Wisdom remains hidden whilst purification is curing pride, but is revealed when illumination begins to heal the confusions of pride and divisions of vainglory.  Self-condemnation to hell without despair condemns pride to hell and so is actually the initial unveiling of the energy of uncreated light, curing pride and opening wisdom to glory purified of vanity.  Grace takes this form… Read more »