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Metanoia and Theoria

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The cultivation of metanoia, turning, upholds theoria, seeing, which awakens the eye of the heart to wisdom, initiating seers into healing glory.  Theosis, deification, begins when metanoia turns awareness round and centres in God in the heart, seeing God, through God in God, Holy Trinity.  Vision of God, theoria, is not visual perception or imaginative visualisation but pure awareness of uncreated, originating presence,… Read more »

Wisdom of the Cross

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The wisdom of the Cross crucifies enmity, communicating boundless love, opening Christ to all, revealing Holy Trinity, sustaining Holy Orthodoxy.  The Church of Christ calls all humanity into wisdom’s embrace of the grace of Christ’s divine humanity, deifying creation with uncreated light.  In the Book of Revelation, the prophet-seer saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending in uncreated light of… Read more »

Wisdom’s Glory of the Name

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The ‘I’ of the Holy Name ‘I AM,’  is wisdom and the ‘AM’ of the Name is glory, revealing their primordial union to be the completeness of hallowed communion, unconfused yet inseparable, indivisible yet ineffable.   Glorification of the Name is hallowing joy to Orthodox seers, opening past and future to wisdom’s glory of timeless presence.  The glory of the… Read more »

Holy Trinity

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The Father generates the Word who names the Name, ‘I am ‘I AM’ thy God,’ revealing God, through God in God, unveiling Holy Trinity, communicating glorification of God, through God the Word, in God the Holy Spirit by purifying and enlightening the heart. The pure in heart are grateful sinners who turn as they are turned and see as they are… Read more »

Saving Grace

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Grace saves by purifying the heart, enlightening the mind in the heart and glorifying God in both mind and heart.  There is no division when there is no confusion of mind or heart, empowering glorification of God that communicates glorification by God.  Grace saves with uncreated light, seeing as it is seen in every dimension, opening the three dimensions of length, breadth… Read more »

Crown of the Heart

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The Holy Spirit crowns the eye of the heart as it enthrones God in the heart with uncreated glory, initiating glorification through purification and illumination.  Wisdom grounds glorification in purity of heart enlightened by the Holy Spirit, whereas fear contracts and hardens the heart, subverting the glory of grace.  Love embraces fear with the kiss of peace, transforming terror into trust,… Read more »

Vanity of vainglory

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The vanity of vainglory cannot corrupt the innocent purity of God’s realm of glory, which is not of this world.  The blatant heresy of Russian innocence is a product of satanic lies, fake news and media manipulations of perception, nationalistic ideology dismantling Holy Orthodoxy in the interests of Russian dictatorship or Eurasian imperialism.  Satanic deception serves many antichrists, dividing Orthodox communities by confusion in… Read more »

Ineffable Number

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Just as the Apostle Paul speaks of hearing ineffable words in the paradise of the third or highest heaven (2 Cor 12:4), so desert wisdom discerns ineffable number in paradise, unveiling the primordial dimensions of the Holy of Holies hidden at the heart of the heaven of heavens.  Oneness generates the second when the Father generates the Son, whilst a third proceeds from… Read more »

Spirit of Wisdom

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The Spirit of wisdom reveals the uncreated glory of grace with unconditioned freedom, transcending conditioned ways and means with uncreated openness.  Wisdom and glory bear witness to co-inherent union, revealing unconditioned communion of elders and saints, but this mystery of infinite glory is hidden until wisdom is unveiled by the Holy Spirit in illumined glorification.  Pentecost completes Good Friday and Holy… Read more »

Fulness of Glory

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Heaven and earth are full of the glory of God, surrounding awareness with the presence of God in his Name, encircling the breathing spirit with the oneness of the Holy Spirit.  One with Christ and the Father, the Spirit imparts wisdom in Christ that discerns fulness of glory everywhere, empowering purification to resurrect with Christ as illumination and illumination to ascend… Read more »