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Eye of the Throne: Glory of the Crown

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The eye of the throne is the eye of the heart, beholding the glory of the crown in the communion of saints.  On turning, the eye of the heart turns to see the glory that enthrones the saints, awakening to the wisdom that crowns saints with the sevenfold completeness of glory.  Infused wisdom, like a two edged sword, reveals the… Read more »

Communion of Saints

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The communion of saints is ultimately not a credal belief that invites verbal repetition but a living experience of hallowing communion in the Name, welcoming home saints on earth, as angels are at home in heaven.  The Name communicates love and forgiveness, union and blessing that unravel confusion whilst dissolving division, so that through communion, the many awaken to know… Read more »

Union of Mind and Heart in God

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The union of the mind and the heart in God empties the mind into God in the heart, a grace of union that unveils the ineffability of God’s self-emptying into us and our self-emptying into God.  Wisdom and glory are ineffable both divinely and humanly, but ineffability is not nihilism, neither is self-emptying facile fusion, because ineffability is not confusion… Read more »

Mystery of Mysteries

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The Name of names is the mystery of mysteries, transcending names that name the Name and ways that communicate the mystery.  With the Name of names, all opposites co-incide, transcending the mutual conditioning that hold them together and set them apart.  ‘Humility is endless,’ was an insight into the mystery of mysteries that Saint Sophrony the Hesychast shared with us, pointing… Read more »

Wondrous Grace

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Wondrous grace inspires awestruck gratitude, dissolving fear into wholesome thanksgiving.   Awestruck wonder edges the soul towards turning, metanoia, which generously generates seeing, theoria, contemplation of light in light.  Together, turning and seeing purify and illumine the heart, giving wing to glory.  Together, purification and illumination cleanse the heart so that God’s Name is hallowed and reign of glory welcomed…. Read more »

Light turns: Glory sees

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Hesychasm was a big surprise.  Here was wisdom, turning the light of awareness around to behold the presence of glory at the heart of awareness.  Here was turning, metanoia, uniting heaven and earth, whilst seeing, theoria, united uncreated light with uncreated glory.  The practice of turning the light of awareness around was here still sustaining the practice of seeing to purify… Read more »

Grace and Freedom

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The Kingdom comes when the Name is hallowed, unveiling the freedom of grace.  Grace is complete freedom, releasing the strain and stress of laboured effort, letting go of the struggle to achieve what is always already graciously given.  Faith puts its trust in grace, generating confidence in the unconditionality of God’s blessing rather than in conditioned attempts to earn grace as… Read more »

Expansion and Contraction of Awareness

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The timeless expansion of awareness in illumination arises together with the continuing temporal contraction of awareness in purification because whilst glory breaks in with illumination, temporal awareness reasserts itself, dividing future glory from past glory, reducing timeless presence to a fleeting present.  Purification of the heart is already illumination in action, but temporal fluctuation subjects experience of uncreated light to unevenness, a coming… Read more »

Seven eyes of Spirit

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Wisdom discerns Christ restore glory to the Father in the Spirit, discerning Christ glorified ascribing glory to the Father in seven eyes of the Spirit which deploy the glory of the single eye of the heart to every centre of awareness and presence of deified human being, well-being and timeless being.  Wisdom beholds God’s God-centred glorification of God curing all seven spiritual eyes of… Read more »