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Wisdom releases fear

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The wisdom of turning opens to the mysteries of seeing and ascent so that the mysteries of glory may descend to turn hells of separation into heavens of deifying union.  The demons of fear cling to these hells because they are the product of fear’s exclusions.  Angels and saints embrace wisdom which empties these hells by overcoming the powers of… Read more »

Empty Radiance

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Mary the Mother of God abides on the Holy Mountain as a radiant emptiness, surrounded by monks whose hearts resonate with her wisdom hymns.  Invisible to the naked eye, she is seen by the eye of the heart, surrounded with uncreated light.  In 1903, a photograph caught her and her flame of uncreated love passing a seated monk in the… Read more »

Hallowing recognition

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Hallowing the Name (KIDDUSH HA SHEM), right glorifies God here in the midst.  Glory shines forth in the heart, opening the eye of the heart to God through God in God.  The Holy Name ‘EHYEH,’ ‘I AM’, when hallowed, unveils the uncreated presence of God to uncreated awareness, the divine ‘AM’ to the divine ‘I,’ with translucent clarity.  It empties… Read more »


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Saint Mary Magdalene is called the apostle to the apostles because according to all four gospels she bears witness to Christ’s resurrection, empowering the Paschal sunrise in her awakened heart to dawn in every generation.   The apostles, prophets and saints received her prophetic word, the injunction to turn and see Christ risen in their midst, by awakening to the uncreated… Read more »