Wisdom releases fear

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The wisdom of turning opens to the mysteries of seeing and ascent so that the mysteries of glory may descend to turn hells of separation into heavens of deifying union.  The demons of fear cling to these hells because they are the product of fear’s exclusions.  Angels and saints embrace wisdom which empties these hells by overcoming the powers of confusion and division that determine fear.

Fear is befriended by wisdom so that love can win fear’s trust and transform fear’s terror.  Terrorism is fear running riot over all trust, bombing compassion by terrorising love.  Wisdom descends with fear to the hells of separation that imprison terror in its condemnations of others.  Glory descends to the very root of terror to transform hells into a heavenly earth wedded to an earthly heaven.  Wisdom discerns this glory to be the Cross of costly love, healing fear with resurrection, ascension and glorification.  

Wisdom severs the confusion between me and ‘I AM’ to heal the division between me and ‘I AM.’  She cures fear which confuses me with ‘I AM,’ and undoes the division which separates me from ‘I AM.’  Christ transmits this wisdom through the Cross, which cuts through all demonic delusion that crucifies ‘I AM,’ and communicates the wisdom of resurrection which turns me back from confusion into healthy communion with ‘I AM.’  Christ’s ascension illumines me in the uncreated light of ‘I AM,’ and his glorification deifies me in the uncreated glory of ‘I AM.’   

There is no end to love’s glory or bounds to this uncreated light.  They embrace everything as God’s ‘I’ and they are present everywhere as God’s ‘AM.’  It is the Face of God present everywhere we turn, and it is the Name of God healing everything wherever we are.  God’s ‘I’ is holy omniscience as wisdom and his ‘AM’ is holy omnipresence as glory, uncreated light of glory welcoming us home wherever we turn.  Our seeing is God beholding the glory of God in God, generously shared with all so that all may turn and see.