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Praxis of Theoria

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The praxis of theoria is the practice of contemplative wisdom that sustains the vision of God in Holy Trinity, standing back from fixated conceptions and conventions.  The Spirit blows where it wills, inspiring the practice of wisdom that nourishes the remembrance of God.  The eye of wisdom penetrates through obscurities, leaping right over mountains of resistance, leaving no trace of… Read more »

Uncreated Wisdom

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Uncreated wisdom embraces countless created dimensions without fixating on any of them, for creation is grounded in the uncreated, one spirit with uncreated light, opening wisdom to ineffable infinity.  There is no fluctuation in uncreated wisdom, no wavering of uncreated glory, for wisdom stands steadfast, communicating the glory of ineffable completeness.  Christ opens the eye of the heart to the… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth is Truth, not our conceptual perception of something true, so if we remain attached to perception, what we have is perception, not Truth, nor the Spirit of Truth.  Awakening to the Spirit of Truth transcends perception but includes intuitive apperception which wisdom infuses in the Spirit.  Truth is not something or nothing, nor is it exhausted… Read more »

Into Thy Hands

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Into thy hands I commend my spirit, into thy Spirit I release my life, into thy presence I release my awareness, into thy Name I fly with angel’s wings, joining winged awareness with humble trust.  For it is thou who art my life, here on earth, rejoining grace with heavenly glory, ceasing to cling to thy signs and symbols, but… Read more »

Hypostatic Co-inherence

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Wisdom has many modes of union in the Name, each integrating different divine names in many different ways, ensuring communion in the Holy Spirit includes an infinite variety of ways union sustains communion with the ineffable oneness of God. Indivisible yet differentiated, communion remains without confusion, revealing the infinitely different ways saints bear witness to holy communion in the Name.  There… Read more »

Vision of God

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Theoria is wisdom’s vision of glory in the Name, not our unaided visual perception of God but God’s deifying vision of God in Holy Trinity.  Vision of God is uncreated grace, gift of uncreated light, not objectifying, visual perception of something empirically perceptible, but wisdom’s awareness of imperceptible glory, awakened in the Name. This is why Scripture says we cannot see… Read more »

Gospel of Grace

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The Gospel of grace reveals God in his Name, enlightening the eye of the heart in the Holy Spirit.  Without the uncreated energy of the Holy Spirit, there would be no revelation of the Name, no gospel and no grace.  There would be only the strain and stress of individual effort and struggle, subjection to clerical control and submission to clerical… Read more »

Holy Trust

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Trusting grace to save is decisive, for without it pride intervenes, refusing to trust grace, trusting instead in self-willed effort to save us.  Self-centred voluntarism usurps God by imposing effort, strain and stress in place of holy trust, causing despair.  From the perspective of the unredeemed will, grace is delusional and confused with pride, condemned as heresy or as self-obsessed illusion.  Self-centred asceticism… Read more »

Father of infinite Love

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Wisdom hallows the Name of the Father, discerning his reign of love through the Son, awakening in the light of the Holy Spirit to the uncreated glory of love.  Earthly fathers may fall short of the loving recognition that sons need from their fathers, but the heavenly Father imparts healing recognition in the Name, ensuring traumatic brokenness is cured.  Wisdom sees past… Read more »


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Theosis is divine-human union for which the divine transcends time and movement but for which the human is in time and moves by separating from God or by returning to God.  Saint Maximus the Confessor described theosis both as ‘ever-moving rest,’ and as the ‘stationary movement’ of the eighth day.  The sixth day completes the ‘being’ of creation, the seventh… Read more »