Uncreated Wisdom

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Uncreated wisdom embraces countless created dimensions without fixating on any of them, for creation is grounded in the uncreated, one spirit with uncreated light, opening wisdom to ineffable infinity.  There is no fluctuation in uncreated wisdom, no wavering of uncreated glory, for wisdom stands steadfast, communicating the glory of ineffable completeness.  Christ opens the eye of the heart to the grace of pure wisdom, secretly transmitting glory from elders to saints, communicating mysteries of glory to humble seers.  Wisdom is not magic but appears to be magic among those who not yet ready to awaken, opening hearts instead to the oneness of the eye of wisdom.  Saints cleave to the eye of wisdom, which glorifies God in his revelatory Name, turning right round when seeing turns and sees.  Nothing obstructs wisdom that turns on its own axis of uncreated glory, opening everything to the infinite capacity of wisdom’s dazzling insight.  Created wisdom is capable of effective action, but uncreated wisdom is creative freedom, opening earthly creativity to the decisive glory of heaven.  

Everything is transfigured by the revelation of the Name, which opens glory to wisdom as presence to awareness.  Enlightened saints are unanimous in their witness to the Name, which releases separation and extinguishes confusion.  Uncreated presence is here and now, releasing awareness from conceptual fixation, revealing Christ in the midst, who unveils the face of creation to the unveiled face of God.  Whereas fixations lead to doubt, doubt to confusion, confusion to division, wise elders pierce through doubt, cure confusion and heal division with the grace of the uncreated Name.  Saints are emptied of everything by the hallowing Name, ripening wisdom, harvesting glory.  Christ liberates his own who know him, freeing them by revealing the glory of grace in his Name.  Wisdom is born in the hearts of those who die to themselves and rise with Christ into the uncreated reign of ineffable grace, cutting through delusion, abiding in wisdom.

Wisdom sows uncreated seeds throughout creation to plant trees of uncreated wisdom throughout creation.  Monastic communities receive all comers with the openness of Christ, but wise elders do not confuse the kernel with the husk.  Christ is uncreated wisdom clothed in creative parables, revealing the glory of wisdom.  Wisdom is not to be confused with sophisticated cleverness, easily misconstrued by infatuated admirers.  Elders love wisdom that binds cleverness and releases discernment, regenerating living tradition from within.   The seal of the Spirit opens heaven to earth, revealing the glory of the Holy of Holies.  The thrice-holy Name opens to the fourth dimension beyond space and to all timeless dimensions beyond time, opening the eye of the heart.  The Name of ineffable openness transcends all premature closure by opening incompleteness to the uncreated completeness of steadfast wisdom.

Feast of the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul.