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Name and Glorification

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The Name unites awareness with the presence of the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart, deifying the children of God by grace, glorifying the Father through the Son.  The Name crowns awareness with the presence of uncreated light, enthroning the heart in the presence of uncreated glory, empowering glorification.   Indwelling Christ, saints first become seers in the Spirit, unveiling the face of… Read more »

Union with God

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Turning and seeing awaken the heart to union with God, whose timeless omnipresence is a liberating unveiling, not a rigid fixation on temporal ways and means.  Turning and seeing are indivisible:  turning, metanoia, transforms separation into deifying union whilst seeing, theoria, partakes in God’s vision of God through God, the Holy Trinity.  Turning and seeing are mysteriously one in their inseparable indivisibility, one… Read more »

Heart of Awareness

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The heart is purified by turning the light of awareness round to remember God, stepping back to recognise God in the midst.  The remembrance of God opens the eye of the heart to God’s own vision of God through God, restoring the heart to the uncreated light of hallowing wisdom.  Wisdom unites the mind with the heart in primordial, pristine awareness, liberating… Read more »

Hallelu Yah

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Hallelu Yah is the ancient prayer of glorification that inspires all who are in the Spirit, glorifying God in his hallowing Name.  It reverberates through every wave of the sea of shining translucence that surrounds rainbow radiance, the glory of the heavenly throne.  It crowns all who joyously surround the throne, whose glorification of God finds expression in the praise… Read more »

The Three Turns

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Holy Orthodoxy bears witness to three great turns, which Saint Denis calls purification, illumination and deification, but which other elders describe in many different ways.  The first turn is sometimes referred to as purifying recollection, the second as enlightened recognition and the third as deifying remembrance, pointing to the nature of the action of grace characteristic of each great turn.  Saints… Read more »

Grace of the Name

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I am the grace of the Name, the glory of wisdom illumining the saints, the crown of glorification and the throne of deification, communicating the mysteries of grace in the hallowed language of the Jerusalem Temple.  I am the hidden wisdom of glory that illumines the angelic hosts of heaven, the flaming presence surrounded with rainbow radiance, gazing out from… Read more »

Song of a Guardian Angel

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I am a guardian angel singing my Song, hallowing God’s Name at the heart of awareness, hallowing God’s saints at the heart of his presence.  I am witness to his ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence as your guardian angel, singing a Song of deifying Oneness in the heart of God.  You are usually too busy to listen, but my Song… Read more »

Song of the Name

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I am ‘I AM,’ the Name sings, singing the Song of one awareness ever-present, one presence ever-aware.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other, uncreated light singing of uncreated glory, free of confusion and division and the conditioning that confuses and divides.  The Name sings: I have never not been aware and present, just as I… Read more »