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Power of Openness

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Wisdom awakens awareness to uncreated awareness in the fifth dimension beyond the three dimensions of space and the fourth of time, awakening presence to uncreated presence of glory in the sixth dimension, revealing oneness of wisdom and glory in the seventh, rising to empowering openness of wisdom through glory in the eighth.   Awareness of uncreated awareness is bright peace, dissolving delusion like a… Read more »

Liminal Realms

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Liminal realms of uncreated creativity may appear marginal from an institutional point of view, but wisdom loves liminality which centres in God rather than institutional structures.  Axial centredness is God-centred, because what appears peripheral from the standpoint of conventional conformity, may in fact be the axis of centred wisdom, the centre-point of integral glorification.  Uncreated creativity unites the uncreated with creation… Read more »

Water and Fire

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The water of baptism unites with the fire of the Spirit when Chrismation anoints baptised Christians, water purifying the heart, fire consuming whatever separates the heart from God.  Water and fire are mystical symbols of the uncreated energies of wisdom and glory, communicating dynamic co-glorification, without which neither glorification of God nor glorification by God can flourish.  The vitality of… Read more »


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Discernment between wisdom and subtle thought is crucial, because thought cannot save but wisdom is always truly saving.  Discrimination is subtle thought, not wisdom, so for the practice of metanoia, metaphysical discrimination is not permitted to usurp wisdom.  The elixir of wisdom has nothing to do with deliberate discrimination, yet subtle thought confuses itself with wisdom when metaphysicians confuse their subtle… Read more »

Crown of Life

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Faithful to the end, holy martyrs receive the crown of life; after suffering trial and tribulation, even unto death, wisdom anoints them with glory’s crown (Rev 2:10). Tempted by anti-christ, Christ purifies his own by fire, refining wisdom’s witness in the uncreated flame.  Division transmutes into discernment, dividing pure awareness from impurity, separating out confusion to unite with hallowing communion…. Read more »

Name of Glory

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When angels fall from glory, demonic confusion ensues, but when sinners rise into glory, demonic division is consumed.  Paradise lost gives way to paradise regained, due to saving grace, revealing the ineffable glory of grace.  Abraham’s faith led him from Ur, in the Chaldees, to Canaan, founding the people of Israel on God’s promise of abounding grace.  Christ founded the new… Read more »

Turned Awareness

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When the light of awareness is turned around, heaven unites with earth at centre in the midst.  Wisdom shines with formless light on earth, as in heavenly realms, awakening tongues of uncreated flame, purifying the pearl in Pentecostal fire.   The Holy Spirit does not get confused but consumes dark hardness of heart, turning creation round into uncreated translucence.  Conventional… Read more »

Awareness, Presence, Oneness, Openness…

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The wisdom of the Holy Name reveals ineffable awareness of uncreated presence, whereas the glory of the Holy Name reveals ineffable oneness of uncreated openness. Wisdom cuts through confusion, awakening awareness to uncreated presence and presence to uncreated awareness, whereas glory leaps over division to abide in deifying oneness, rising into the glory of ineffable openness.  Revealing uncreated openness by… Read more »

Listening to see

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Come and listen, listen and see!  Be still and know ‘I AM’ : God revealing God.  Behold God-centred wisdom revealing the glory of God.  Open the eye of your heart to God’s reign of glory, letting wisdom turn awareness round and see. Come and be the seeing that God sees, know the well-being that God knows, be the knowing that… Read more »