Name of Glory

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When angels fall from glory, demonic confusion ensues, but when sinners rise into glory, demonic division is consumed.  Paradise lost gives way to paradise regained, due to saving grace, revealing the ineffable glory of grace.  Abraham’s faith led him from Ur, in the Chaldees, to Canaan, founding the people of Israel on God’s promise of abounding grace.  Christ founded the new Israel on the same promise, the promise of grace, whose glory is always ineffable.  Sold into Egypt, Joseph saved his brothers, the starving sons of Jacob, restoring  glory to Israel, re-interpreting the promise of grace to saints as revelation of ineffable glory, as Patristic wisdom bears witness.  Joshua took possession of the promised land of grace, but Eli heard the word of grace to Samuel as revelation of the glorious Name.

The Name of glory fulfils the promise of grace by discerning eschatological glory through resurrection, replacing Saul with David, king in the land of promise.  Many later kings fell from glory, but wisdom’s witness to David’s hidden glory remained the Spirit’s faithful witness to the promise of grace, from Solomon right up to the crucifixion of the Davidic heir, whose resurrected witness to wisdom never ceases. When Jerusalem fell, Judah was exiled and led into captivity in Babylon, bequeathing to prophecy a vision of glory in suffering that rises from redeeming grace.  A new Israel rose from the ashes of Jerusalem when it was destroyed by Rome, Babylon revived, in 70 AD.  As Elisha raised the child of the Shunamite, so prophecy later raised many fallen children of promise, faithful to the unceasing presence of grace, whose glory forever shines as saving wisdom.

The Name of grace is the revelation of glory in every age, restoring glory to God. Prophecy interprets grace as theophany of glory in every generation, renewing the prophecy of prayer.  Elijah prophesies on Mount Carmel, proclaiming the saving Name, bestowing his prophetic mantle on Elisha, revealing uncreated glory to sons of prophets by unveiling the power and the glory.   Samaria fell, then Judah, exiling glory from the temple, but glory returns wherever the promise is acknowledged and grace is received.  Wisdom turns and sees the wonder of grace in the light of the Name, completing temporal incompleteness in the light of timeless glory, discerning revelations of grace as ineffable theophanies of eschatological glory.

Feast of Saint Gregory the Theologian