Turned Awareness

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When the light of awareness is turned around, heaven unites with earth at centre in the midst.  Wisdom shines with formless light on earth, as in heavenly realms, awakening tongues of uncreated flame, purifying the pearl in Pentecostal fire.   The Holy Spirit does not get confused but consumes dark hardness of heart, turning creation round into uncreated translucence.  Conventional conformity transfigures when wisdom rises into glory, revealing the Spirit’s holy breath of uncreated energy.

Netherworlds of confused emotion dispel when wisdom rises into spacious openness, reversing satanic inversions, restoring glory.  Celestial realms of pure perception rise with healing wings as material bodies transmute into spiritual bodies, infusing matter with uncreated light.  When awareness turns, the world turns, revealing the timeless glory of grace.  The pure intelligence of wisdom always beholds the glory of grace, transfiguring the world with uncreated light, God revealing God, restoring glory to God.

Vision of God in glory has many names, but wisdom is not wordy nor glory nominal. God’s vision of God relies on God, revealing Holy Trinity.  Wisdom stills verbosity, opening nominal exteriors to direct insight, centring on undistracted wisdom. Oblivious dissipation ceases when wisdom turns and sees as she is seen.  Single-minded practice is not fixated concentration, for wisdom liberates awareness into radical release.  When awareness turns, wisdom sees, releasing glory into glory.