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Purification of the Heart

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Saint Sophrony the Hesychast imparted purification of the heart through illumination in uncreated light rather than through rational explanation, overcoming separation by curing confusion, communicating communion by overcoming division.  His vision of uncreated light on the Holy Mountain of Athos was communicated in the uncreated light of the Holy Spirit, through the uncreated light of Christ, unveiling the uncreated wisdom and… Read more »

Ineffable Words

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The Apostle Paul does not confuse the created words he writes in his Epistles with the ineffable words he heard in the paradise of the third heaven (2 Cor 12: 2-4).  The ineffable words of uncreated revelation are uncreated words of uncreated light, not created words  of ordinary human language, communicating mysteries of glory rather than human concepts or matters of fact…. Read more »

Eye of Faith

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The eye of faith trusts the Name to save beyond what visual sight can see but awakens its own kind of seeing, wisdom, that sees the glory of God in Christ.  The eye of faith trusts wisdom that turns awareness round and beholds the glory of grace.  So the eye of faith transcends ordinary sight but sees as wisdom sees, which is God’s… Read more »

Name above all names

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The Holy Spirit awakens the heart in Christ to the Name above all names, revealed at centre in the midst, in whom the Father is unveiled in uncreated wisdom, embracing uncreated glory.  The practice of wisdom turns light around into union with glory in the Name, which is no ordinary name, because it names God, ‘I AM,’ God’s ever-present awareness, discovered at… Read more »

Doxological Stillness

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Doxological stillness transcends all identities but playfully offers an identity, ‘Orthodox Hesychasm,’ that situates it in the human world of identities and stories.  Stillness abides in the glory of the age to come by indwelling uncreated light as wisdom beholding glory at the heart of the world.  Stillness is doxological in ways that include many stories, many identities, without identifying with… Read more »

Name and Cross

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The wisdom of the Cross and the wisdom of the Name are one manifold wisdom, crucifying confusion and division and resurrecting union and communion.  The sign of the Cross is the sign of the Name because they signify the same mystery, the same fulness, pleroma, the same union, henosis.  The Name crucifies confusion to resurrect union, dissolving division to raise… Read more »

Five dimensions of wisdom and glory

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Wisdom and glory unite in the Holy of Holies, transcending the binary duality of male and female in paradise, which unites heaven and earth in the created, intelligible dance, which unites in turn with the uncreated energies of God.  It was Saint Maximus who spelt out these five dimensions of union in Christ in the seventh century, although John 1, 1 John 1, Ephesians… Read more »

Uncreated Holiness

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Saint Sophrony the Hesychast unveiled the holiness of glory with humour that made the flame of the Name bearable, concealing uncreated fire beneath dancing laughter that conventional correctness could not repress.  He unveiled uncreated holiness veiled for a secular age to handle, a grace that hid regenerative glory beneath an aged human exterior, overcoming contemporary ambivalence without compromise.  His precision of… Read more »