Name and Cross

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The wisdom of the Cross and the wisdom of the Name are one manifold wisdom, crucifying confusion and division and resurrecting union and communion.  The sign of the Cross is the sign of the Name because they signify the same mystery, the same fulness, pleroma, the same union, henosis.  The Name crucifies confusion to resurrect union, dissolving division to raise communion, which is why the Name is always called saving.  The eye of the heart is the fountain of light that waters the heart with glory.  As the principle of the image, the uncreated light of the heart sustains the created heart of glory, which is the image of the principle.  The light of the Name is the light of life, for the glory of the Name is uncreated glory, giving life to those it hallows.  The timeless life of the Name is death to confusion, dissolving diabolical diffusions into life-giving infusions of grace, for the Spirit gives life when it infuses death with life.  The heart empties itself of everything but God alone to discover that God is the all-embracing heart of everything, for the revelation of God reveals not God alone but everything in God as well.  The wisdom of the Cross hallows the Name in death, unveiling the Name of timeless life.

Beholding the Name of glory, glory reveals the Name of wisdom, for where the treasure of glory is, there the heart dwells also.  The Name is God’s oil of mercy poured out in the midst, christening anointed saints with peace.  The Name crucifies fear in order to resurrect love of God, through God’s revelation of God.  The Cross of the Name purifies the heart by hallowing saints with holy hallows, like the Grail or the Ring in the Holy of Holies, unveiling the Face of glory in the light of wisdom.  The Cross strips alien powers of their seductive power, by overcoming fear with love.  The wisdom of the Cross receives joy from Christ, not from shallow introspection without Christ.  This is the wisdom of the third heaven, neither the visible heaven of stars nor the invisible heaven of angels but the third heaven of uncreated wisdom and glory.  The wisdom of the Cross is the wisdom of the third heaven that communicates ineffable glory ineffably.

The wisdom of the Cross is the wisdom of love’s glory of the Name, severing confusion and sealing union, transcending Seraphic flame and Cherubic fire.  Remembering God, wisdom’s remembrance of God in God is thrice-holy, in the image of the Holy Trinity, releasing old idols into translucent icons of thrice-holy mysteries.  To bless with the Cross is to bless with the Name, unveiling the generation of the Son and the procession of the Spirit from the Father.  The Father personally originates thrice-holy glory that wisdom reveals, in ways that defy conceptual formulation yet unveil ineffable glory.  Wisdom crucifies what separates as she unifies what confuses worldly minds, wooing hearts to empty themselves of what distracts and desecrates them.  The Name is thrice-holy because God is thrice-holy, unveiling thrice-holy glory to wisdom.  The wound of the Cross is the wound of wisdom, piercing the heart with the Name.  Silenced by wonder, hearts awaken to love’s glory of the Cross, amazed that wisdom communicates the Name, imparting the very life of God.