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Union with God

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Turning and seeing awaken the heart to union with God, whose timeless omnipresence is a liberating unveiling, not a rigid fixation on temporal ways and means.  Turning and seeing are indivisible:  turning, metanoia, transforms separation into deifying union whilst seeing, theoria, partakes in God’s vision of God through God, the Holy Trinity.  Turning and seeing are mysteriously one in their inseparable indivisibility, one… Read more »

Chariot Thrones

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I am the glory of grace upholding you like a chariot throne, the light of glory illumining you like dazzling wings.  I am your recreation, empowering  your spiritual purification and illumination, sustaining the glory of your deification.  I carry you over hell’s abyss into the safe havens of heaven, winged like a chariot throne, sustained like a victorious, angelic host, sure in your… Read more »

Spirit of Truth

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I am the Spirit of Truth enlightening those who turn and see.  I am the Word of Presence blessing those who glorify my Holy Name.  The timeless life of glory is completeness incorruptible, inviting incompleteness to empty into completeness.  Great shall be the peace of God’s holy ones, secure in my reign of joy, steadfast in my realms of glory.  Wisdom… Read more »

Temple of the Heart

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I am present in my Name, regenerating the temple of the heart, renewing creation from the throne of uncreated grace.  I am enthroned between the Cherubic seers, whose knowing is God’s knowledge of God, generating wisdom’s love of glory in the Holy of Holies.  I am wisdom embracing glory, regenerating the spiritual rebirth of saints in the reign of timeless grace…. Read more »

Grace of the Name

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I am the grace of the Name, the glory of wisdom illumining the saints, the crown of glorification and the throne of deification, communicating the mysteries of grace in the hallowed language of the Jerusalem Temple.  I am the hidden wisdom of glory that illumines the angelic hosts of heaven, the flaming presence surrounded with rainbow radiance, gazing out from… Read more »

Whisper of Presence

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The whisper of presence is unveiled in the silence of awareness when the breath of oneness dawns.  Whispering oneness of silent awareness, the breath of presence silently weaves oneness out of confusion.  Dreaming of awakening from the dream of forgetting does not awaken, whereas oneness of awareness and presence awakens to wisdom in glory.  Awareness coincides with presence, revealing wisdom coinciding with… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The Name crowns saints by awakening the eye of the heart, enthroning the glorified heart in the temple of uncreated glory.  Glory crowns saints with God’s Name, fulfilling the mysteries of the temple throne and crown that realise God through recognition and remembrance.  Christ, the Great High Priest, enthrones and crowns his own with the truth of his Name, grafting his own… Read more »

Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom, in angels and saints, is the love-child of wisdom and the Name, born of glory, unveiling the Name in uncreated light, glorifying the Name in uncreated glory. Love of wisdom is the angelic response to wisdom’s first love, inspiring saints to fall in love with wisdom’s beauty, loving wisdom’s glory to their life’s end.  This ‘philosophy’ that inspires… Read more »

Solitude and Community

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The blessing of the Holy Spirit imparts grace to the purified heart, whether in solitude or in community, fulfilling all the prescribed sacraments of the Church through purification and illumination, completing their uncreated empowerments with love’s uncreated glorification.  Solitaries are not excluded from the grace of glorification, nor are members of thriving monastic communities always partakers in the grace of illumination, because… Read more »