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Holy Trinity

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The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, drawing us into his ineffable abiding in the primordial union of the Son with the Father, restoring glory to the Father through the Son.  Abiding in God’s ineffable openness, the uncreated oneness of God is spontaneously present as a womb of indescribable glory.  Wisdom discerns the wondrous self-emptying of the… Read more »

Grace and Glory

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Wisdom remains hidden whilst purification is curing pride, but is revealed when illumination begins to heal the confusions of pride and divisions of vainglory.  Self-condemnation to hell without despair condemns pride to hell and so is actually the initial unveiling of the energy of uncreated light, curing pride and opening wisdom to glory purified of vanity.  Grace takes this form… Read more »

Pride and Grace

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When pride arose, Saint Silouan the Athonite was given self-condemnation to hell without despair, initiating Saint Sophrony the Hesychast into holy self-hatred with trust in the grace of the Name to save.  From the perspective of negative asceticism, wisdom appears to be pride and is condemned together with pride.  Whilst pride is arising, wisdom is indeed providentially hidden and so are… Read more »

Wisdom of Christ

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The wisdom of Christ holds everything together, including the paradox of time and the timeless.  Christ is divine-human, so his wisdom is uncreated yet also created, curing confusion whilst healing division.  Gathering what was scattered, wisdom discerns the glory of grace, integrating apparently exclusive opposites.  The story is dialectical when it discerns the unfolding of divine-human coherence in time, but paradoxical… Read more »

Prayer of Stillness

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The prayer of stillness anchored childhood and adolescence in a revelation of love and peace which was newly inspired, in the summer of 1965, by a meeting with Saint Sophrony the Hesychast, prior to a pilgrimage to Mount Athos, at the age of twenty, in the company of my father.  Saint Sophrony introduced me to the practice of Hesychast wisdom by communicating… Read more »

Decisive Glorification

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The decisive experience of glorification shatters the divisive dualisms of cause and effect, effort and achievement, opening prevenient grace to unwavering glory.  The experience of glorification is inconceivable to those who do not know wisdom, so remains hidden until, by grace, glory breaks through and God’s way of glorifying God is revealed.  Uncreated light purifies and enlightens the heart so that uncreated… Read more »

Ascension of Isaiah

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In an early second century Apocalypse, the Ascension of Isaiah, we discover that Christian prophecy was alive and well despite its exclusion from mainstream Christian circles, proving that visionary ascent was not neglected in the wilderness, because wisdom, as it ascended through seven heavens, beheld the glory of the throne in the midst of all seven of them.  Glory lay at the heart… Read more »

Wisdom and Glory

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Wisdom infuses the heart with transfiguring glory, fusing them in a union without confusion in the Holy of Holies.  The simplicity of this union centres where stillness dwells, in the union of the Father with the Son, a union which the Spirit discerns and shares with all, opening it to those who hallow and glorify the Name.  Wonder completes the lesser… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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Nobody can visually perceive God objectively in the world but theoria turns and sees the glory of God’s reign, initiating seers into the mysteries of contemplative vision by awakening the eye of the heart.  For Hesychast saints, theoria is the indispensable and quintessential opening, beyond the visible heavens, into the invisible mysteries of wisdom and glory, the revelation of God’s Name that… Read more »

Saint Seraphim of Sarov

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In his Conversation with Nikolay Motovilov, c1830-31, Saint Seraphim  of Sarov said that the true aim of Christian life is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God, and means to this end are good only if they are done for Christ’s sake and bring us the grace and fruits of the Holy Spirit.  It is the grace of the Holy… Read more »