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Joy of Union

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The fruit of the practice of wisdom is joy, union of presence and awareness in the Name, overflowing as the union of wisdom and glory in self-emptying glorification.  Wisdom purifies the heart and illumines the mind in the heart, whilst glory opens mysteries of glory through hallowing glorification.  The Spirit of truth unveils timeless life as way, truth and deifying life… Read more »

Praxis of Theoria

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The practice of spiritual vision, which Orthodox Hesychast Tradition calls the ‘praxis of theoria,’ is the methodical activity that turns and sees what the Name reveals, purifying and illumining the awakened heart, opening mysteries of grace to hallowing glorification.  Elders explain this conceptually in order to point the saints beyond conceptuality to direct, non-conceptual awareness.  It is the practice of seeing in the Spirit that keeps… Read more »

Grace and Freedom

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The Kingdom comes when the Name is hallowed, unveiling the freedom of grace.  Grace is complete freedom, releasing the strain and stress of laboured effort, letting go of the struggle to achieve what is always already graciously given.  Faith puts its trust in grace, generating confidence in the unconditionality of God’s blessing rather than in conditioned attempts to earn grace as… Read more »

Union of mind and heart

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The practice of wisdom purifies the heart by uniting the mind with the heart in the Holy Spirit, whose uncreated light illumines both mind and heart, opening to glorification of God through God in God, Holy Trinity unveiling and unveiled.  The practice of attention stills both heart and mind by uniting them at centre in the Spirit’s witness to the… Read more »

From Grace to Grace

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The desert bears witness that wisdom is the fullness of sheer goodness, completeness poured out from grace to grace.  The wisdom of Jerusalem is the glory of God’s Name whilst the wisdom of Athens is self-examination leading from self-forgetfulness through dialectical questioning to the fullness of self-knowledge.  Culturally speaking, this is an integration of two wisdom traditions, the Abrahamic and the… Read more »

Purification, Illumination and Deification

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The very ancient praxis of theoria in desert Hesychasm purifies the eye of the heart with metanoia, (turning), and illumines the eye of the heart by theoria, (seeing), uniting seer and seen in all seven centres of spiritual awareness including and surrounding the heart, beneath and above it.  The three centres beneath the heart were experienced as the throne of glory, ensuring… Read more »

Throne and Crown

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The throne stands under the heart addressing fear, fear for one’s survival, fear for one’s safety and fear for one’s security, three centres beneath the heart that are created to be God-centred but which may initially be egocentric or ethnocentric if they are self-centred instead of God-centred.  The heart is at centre with these three centres beneath it, which are its throne,… Read more »

Origination, Consummation and Completeness

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Glory originates and consummates God-centred glory in the timeless completeness of God-centred wisdom.  Original glory conceives us, nourishes us and matures us as we progress towards the consummation of glory in the timeless completeness of wisdom. The circular singularity of wisdom is centred on the circular wholeness of God at centre, freeing us from all that breaks the holy circuit… Read more »

Holy Orthodoxy

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Holy Orthodoxy has its strong ethnic dimensions but at heart it is the right-glorification of the Father by the Son, the Orthodox glorification of the Son by the Father and the Orthodox glorification of the Father by the Spirit in union with the Son.  What is decisive, therefore, is not ethnic acculturation but the hallowing glorification of the Father by the Son… Read more »

Fullness of Glory

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Heaven and earth are filled with glory, glory which wisdom ascribes to God when the eye of the heart awakens, seeing not just empty space but glory, perceiving not only observable astronomical phenomena but presence of glory, discerning not terrestrial phenomena exclusively but creation transfigured by glory.  Prophecy in the desert imparts wisdom’s vision of glory by discerning God’s revelation of… Read more »