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Forgiveness and Grace

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Because we have received the grace of God’s forgiveness, we can forgive one another as ourselves.  Because we have forgiven one another as our very life, we can truly receive the grace of God’s forgiveness as the timeless life of love’s ineffable glory. Gratuitous love manifests doxological circularity that takes the form of a co-inherence of grace and forgiveness, generating the… Read more »

Well-spring of Stillness

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In the primordial principle or LOGOS, there is ever-present awareness, primordial awareness of presence and primordial presence of awareness, which together turn out to be wisdom’s primordial unveiling of the timeless presence of glory.  All phenomena arise from the uncreated presence of awareness, manifesting liminal presence unveiling glory at the heart of wisdom.  Revelation of the origin uncovers the glory of the Father,… Read more »

Wisdom of Christ, transcending yet including

How was it that the wisdom of Saint David was able to include the ancient Shamanic mysteries of the honeycomb, the fish and the stag without collapsing into paganism?  How was it that symbols from the ancient wisdom of Druid Britain were embraced by elders like Saint David and the saints, his spiritual offspring, without betraying Christ and the Spirit?  Their… Read more »

Honeycomb, Fish and Stag

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In his Life of Saint David, written in the late eleventh century, Rhygyfarch drew on older traditions that spoke of three ancient Shamanic symbols in connection with Saint David of Wales, (who is remembered today, March 1st,) namely, the honeycomb, the fish and the stag (Life of Saint David Chapter 1). For Saint David and his monks, the honeycomb was the ancient… Read more »

Wisdom’s Glory

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Wisdom’s glory lies in wisdom’s vision of the glory of grace which beholds God’s energy of glory in everything, and sees the translucence of everything in glory.   The language of the New Testament and holy fathers of the Church can be a problem in a very secular age, so elders begin with awareness, with the awareness of awareness, with… Read more »

Wondrous Grace

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Wondrous grace inspires awestruck gratitude, dissolving fear into wholesome thanksgiving.   Awestruck wonder edges the soul towards turning, metanoia, which generously generates seeing, theoria, contemplation of light in light.  Together, turning and seeing purify and illumine the heart, giving wing to glory.  Together, purification and illumination cleanse the heart so that God’s Name is hallowed and reign of glory welcomed…. Read more »

Light turns: Glory sees

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Hesychasm was a big surprise.  Here was wisdom, turning the light of awareness around to behold the presence of glory at the heart of awareness.  Here was turning, metanoia, uniting heaven and earth, whilst seeing, theoria, united uncreated light with uncreated glory.  The practice of turning the light of awareness around was here still sustaining the practice of seeing to purify… Read more »

Joy of Union

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The fruit of the practice of wisdom is joy, union of presence and awareness in the Name, overflowing as the union of wisdom and glory in self-emptying glorification.  Wisdom purifies the heart and illumines the mind in the heart, whilst glory opens mysteries of glory through hallowing glorification.  The Spirit of truth unveils timeless life as way, truth and deifying life… Read more »

Praxis of Theoria

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The practice of spiritual vision, which Orthodox Hesychast Tradition calls the ‘praxis of theoria,’ is the methodical activity that turns and sees what the Name reveals, purifying and illumining the awakened heart, opening mysteries of grace to hallowing glorification.  Elders explain this conceptually in order to point the saints beyond conceptuality to direct, non-conceptual awareness.  It is the practice of seeing in the Spirit that keeps… Read more »

Grace and Freedom

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The Kingdom comes when the Name is hallowed, unveiling the freedom of grace.  Grace is complete freedom, releasing the strain and stress of laboured effort, letting go of the struggle to achieve what is always already graciously given.  Faith puts its trust in grace, generating confidence in the unconditionality of God’s blessing rather than in conditioned attempts to earn grace as… Read more »