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Fulness of Grace

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The fulness of grace is inseparable from the co-inherence of truth, being indivisible from wisdom in the completeness of glory, revealing God through the eternal Logos. The origin is both light and life to all, gathering together whatever has fallen apart. Recognition of grace and truth opens earth to heaven, unveiling God in his Name, revealing truth in the fulness of… Read more »

Holy Apostle John

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The Holy Apostle John gave us the Fourth Gospel, three epistles and the Book of Revelation, handing on the wisdom and witness of the Beloved Disciple.  The Church’s first hymn book, the Odes of Solomon, comes from the same circles if not directly from the Beloved Disciple, stemming from the wisdom of deifying glorification. The feast of Saint John the… Read more »

Union with God

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Union with God pierces heart and mind with cauterising flame, enlightening the mind in the heart, severing glory from vanity by consuming confusion and dissolving division. Union by grace restores glory to God, purifying the heart by consuming vainglory, illumining the mind in the awakened heart, glorifying saints in the hallowed Name. Union by grace proceeds through Christ from the Father… Read more »

Timeless Completeness

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The Completeness of God is ‘eternally now,’ unveiling temporal incompleteness in timeless presence, awakening uncreated wisdom in uncreated glory. Christ, divine but human, communicates theandric co-inherence by grace to all who receive him, embracing the cosmos with cosmo-theandric glory. The Holy Spirit enlightens seers with uncreated wisdom, transfiguring saints with uncreated glory, communicating mysteries of glorification to all whose hearts are open. Orthodox Hesychasm… Read more »

Feast of the Holy Cross

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The Holy Cross saves by crucifying confusion and healing division, raising into ascending glory all who turn and see with wisdom’s ‘single eye.’ The cross is holy because it purifies the heart, enlightening the mind in the heart, deifying saints through the holy practice of glorification. Cutting through layers of confusion, leaping over mountains of delusion, the Holy Cross hallows all… Read more »

Mysteries of the Mother of God

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The mysteries of the Mother of God unveil dimensions of deifying glory which remain utterly hidden until the eye of wisdom opens. Mystery through and through, from her Nativity through to her Dormition, her mysteries are celebrated yet concealed, visible yet invisible, revered in the silence of wonder. Her mysterious silence communicates ineffable stillness, imparting glorification beyond what words can… Read more »

Nativity of the Holy Virgin

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The Nativity of the Holy Virgin is celebrated on September 8th, according to traditions based on the Proto Evangelium Jacobi, an apocryphal gospel with references to the birth of the Holy Virgin going back to AD 130-140.  Although not named in Scripture, it very firmly supports Scripture, preparing for the Annunciation and Incarnation.  Joachin and Anna, bearers of the God-bearer,… Read more »

Church’s New Year

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Wisdom renews all that there is, dissolving thoughts of past and future, restoring everything to timeless glory.  Cutting through time, wisdom reveals timeless presence of timeless glory, uniting heaven and earth in renewing glorification. Grace makes known God’s zeal for glorification, liberating ecstatic praise, releasing ineffable wisdom fulfilling all in all. Wisdom consumes confusion, dissolving division, renewing creation anew is… Read more »